Our Privacy Policy can be found here

Our Terms of Service can be found  here. 

The information in the official Privacy Policy and Terms of Use documents supercede any information in this article. This Knowledgebase article should not be construed as an official legal document. 

With that out of the way, the bottom line is that we don't sell your data, we comply with GDPR, and that if you'll be cool, we'll be cool :-)

Due to the nature of our app, we have to ask for some health and demographic data and store it on our servers. You can delete the data from our servers by wiping your account. 

We also collect information using cookies etc. We use this information to improve our service and to market to you. We never sell user data, but some data may be shared with 3rd party ad networks (Facebook Ads etc) etc. 

You're responsible for the security of your account. You won't break the law or do anything illegal with your account. And you agree that we're not responsible for anything bad that happens from using our app. 

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