We can assure you that in 99.9% of cases, our system has billed the correct amount. And in those .1% of cases where there's an issue, we're always happy to make it right. 

In most cases where it appears that the wrong amount was charged, the issue is due to the conversion rate between USD and your countries currency.

All subscriptions are priced in USD. If you're in Canada, the EU, or another country, the final charge may be different than the prices listed in USD on our pricing page.

As an example, our Premium yearly package is $39.99 USD. At the time of writing this article, that converts to $53.38 CAD. Canadian customers would see a charge for $53.38 or whatever the conversion rate equates to when you make your purchase. 

In addition, certain locales may charge sales or VAT tax, which will be added to the total.

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