Prior to contacting the support team, please carefully read this article, as it answers the most common questions we receive.

Also,  the easiest way to contact us is by opening the app and selecting Settings > Support Center rather than via email or our website. This will send us information about your account, which will help us resolve your issue more quickly.

Account Related Questions

How do I change my email address? I signed up with the wrong address.

You'll need to contact Carb Manager Support to change your email address. You cannot do it directly in the app.

I’ve lost all of my data! Can you help?

This problem is caused by being signed out of your account and then logging into (or creating) a different account.

Open the app on the last device where you saw your data. Log out of the “empty” account by selecting one of the following paths: 

  • Settings --> Account Settings --> Log Out 
  • Settings --> Account Settings --> Log Into Existing Account.
  • If you skipped sign up previously, use the Need Help button (on the right side of the screen) to contact Support. We can help you access your data.
  • If you created an account previously, select the drop-down menu where your email appears, and look for other email addresses you may have used to sign up. Try logging in with one of those other email accounts. 
  • If you are still unable to find your data, log in to the app with any account (or create a new account) and go to Settings > Support Center and contact us from within the app.

I’ve gotten a new phone, but my data did not transfer over. What can I do?

Data in Carb Manager is linked to accounts, and does not transfer automatically when you change or upgrade devices. This is why it’s important to create an account in the app. 

If you have your old device, open the app on it and select Settings > Account Settings to check your account email (or create an account), then log in with this account on your new device.

Carb Manager App Questions

How do I change my carb, calorie, or macros goals?

Select the Getting Started tab in the left menu to set your goals. Be sure to select the blue Apply button when done to save your changes.

Why is my carb, macros, or calorie count different than what I've logged?

There are two possible causes for this:

  • By default, Carb Manager rounds numbers to the nearest whole number, but adds numbers prior to rounding. This can cause the sum of the rounded values and the listed totals to be off by 1. To turn off rounding, go to Settings and activate (turn on) the Show Decimal Values option.
  • If you have activated (turned on) the Settings > Deduct Calories When I Exercise or the Settings > Deduct Macros When I Exercise options, the app will add negative values for calories and/or macros when you log exercise manually or with a fitness tracker. These negative values are deducted from your totals.

Why are my carbs, macros, or calorie goals different than what I've set?

There are a few possible causes for this:

  • If you've turned on Smart Macros (Settings > Macros > Smart Macros), then the app will recalculate your calories macros each time your change your weight or profile, based on the macros ratios you've set.
  • If you've set a weight goal (Settings > Health Goals > Weight), and you've met your weight goal, Smart Macros will switch to maintenance mode and significantly increase you calories and macros goals.
  • If you've just joined and turned on Ease Into My Diet, the app will gradually modify your macros and calories goals each day until you reach your desired goals. 

Why did my macros goals suddenly increase significantly?

If you have Smart Macros turned on and you met your weight loss goal, the app will switch your macros to maintenance mode. Check you weight loss goal by selecting Settings > Health Goals.

The calorie budget the macros calculator shows seems very low. Why is that?

The calorie and macros calculator is based on information provided in your profile as well as your specified goals. If you set a very aggressive weight loss goal (i.e., 2 lbs per week of weight loss), it may result in a daily calorie goal that is too low. In this case, you should select a less aggressive goal.

How do I start over?

You can delete your entire account by going to Settings > Delete Account & Data. You can also manually delete days in your log using the Delete button at the bottom of the My Daily Log page for a specific day.

Can you offer personalized dietary advice?

We’re not able to offer advice. However, you can check our forums and groups for tips and support from the community!

The app shows that I have notifications with a red badge on the app icon. Where are these notifications?

On iOS, the red notification badge is actually the app badge, which can show the number of grams of carbs remaining or eaten. To turn this option off, go to Settings > App Badge.

Carb Manager Device Related Questions

My Fibit, Garmin device, or Apple Watch is not syncing. Can you help?

This problem is often caused when a fitness tracker hasn’t been synced with its respective app or website (, Garmin Connect, Apple Health, etc.). 

Verify that you have synced your device, then check the Steps and Exercise sections of My Daily Log.

My devices (iOS, Android, and/or website) are not syncing, or not all showing my Premium membership. Can you help?

This problem is caused when you are not signed into the same account on all devices. Open each device and select Settings > Account Settings to verify that your email addresses match exactly.

Billing Questions

Is Carb Manager free to use?

Yes! The basic features of Carb Manager are free to use, always. Carb Manager Premium is an optional subscription that adds many additional features, such as exclusive recipes, meal plans, a meal planner, shopping lists, fitness device syncing, analysis, reports, and much more.

How do I switch from a 1 month or 3 month subscription to an annual subscription?

Follow one of the steps below, based on your platform:

  • iOS. Go to the the following website and select a different subscription length: You’ll be billed the new amount for the new period once your current subscription period ends. 
  • Google Play. First, cancel your subscription using the following website: After that, sign up for a new subscription when your current subscription expires. 
  • If you signed up on the website, please contact us.

I purchased a Premium subscription but my account is still showing me as a standard member. How do I get this fixed?

First, verify that the transaction was successful using one of the following web sites: 

If the transaction is not listed, retry the purchase, or purchase on our website at

If the transaction is listed, restart the app on your phone, and wait for a few minutes. If it is still showing a Premium subscription at this point, please contact us.

Was I billed the correct amount?

Carb Manager Premium is USD $39.99 per year, $16.49 per 3 months, or $8.49 per month. The price is in U.S. dollars, and so currency conversions may result in a different amount billed in other countries. Also, certain locales may charge sales or VAT tax, which will be added to the total.

I think I may have been charged more than once for a subscription I just purchased. Can I check on this?

iOS and Google Play don’t typically allow double charges for the same purchase. You can check your transactions using one of the following web sites:

Sometimes, a billing processor will initiate a transaction with a preauthorization charge, which will be removed from you statement shortly thereafter. If this is not the case, please let us know.

Cancellation Questions

How do I cancel my subscription?

Cancelling a Carb Manager Premium subscription varies depending on how you subscribed. For details see: Cancelling a Subscription

If you never purchased a Premium subscription, and you don’t have access to the premium features of the app, then there is nothing to cancel and further action is not required. 

To confirm your subscription type, select Settings > Account Settings. If you don't see Membership status: Premium Account, then you are not subscribed to a Premium account.

I forgot how I subscribed. Can you help me figure out how to cancel?

Check your credit card statement, and look for the last transaction for your subscription. 

  • If it appears as “CARB MANAGER PREMIUM”, then you signed up on our website. 
  • If it appears as “ITUNES.COM”, then you signed up with iOS on your Apple device. 
  • If it says “GOOGLE *”, then you signed up with Google Play/your Android device.

I tried canceling my subscription using your instructions, but I was not able to find any subscription to cancel.

In this case, the most likely cause is one of the following: 

  • You are trying to cancel on a different platform (iOS, Google Play, or the web) than you used to originally subscribe. 
  • You are using the correct platform, but you subscribed with a different iTunes or Google Play account than the one you are currently signed in with. 
  • You didn’t subscribe and don't have a Premium subscription, so there is nothing to cancel. 

We recommend that you perform the following steps: 

  1. Confirm that you are using the correct platform (iOS, Google Play, or the web). You can confirm the platform you subscribed with by checking Q2, above. If you realize you're not on the correct platform, retry Q1, above, using the correct platform.
  2. If you have confirmed that you are using the correct platform, try signing in to iTunes or Google Play using a different email addresses, if you have one, and retry Q1, above.
  3. Alternately, if you subscribed on Google Play, please contact us with your Google Play order number (starts with GPA). It can be found in your order receipt, or by following these instructions:
  4. If you subscribed on our website, please contact us with the last four digits of the credit card you used to subscribe. We’ll look up your order and cancel it for you.

We apologize and understand that this process is a little more complicated than it needs to be. We’re working with three separate billing systems, and it’s important to cancel with the correct billing system using the correct account.

I subscribed on iOS, but when I go to the subscription management page for Carb Manager, there is not option to cancel, only to resubscribe.

If all of the subscription options are unchecked and there is no Cancel Subscription button, then you have already unsubscribed and no further action is required.

If I cancel my subscription, will I immediately lose access to the Premium features?

No. Your Premium membership will continue through the period for which you paid. However, it will not automatically renew at the end of your subscription period.

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