There are several ways to export your data from Carb Manager.

CSV Export

To create a CSV (spreadsheet) file of your nutrition totals for a specific time period:

  1. Sign into your Carb Manager account on the website version of the app,
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Select the Advanced tab.
  4. Scroll down to the Extra section.
  5. Immediately below the Export Data button, select the date range for the exporting using the two available drop-down lists. The list on the left is the starting date, the list on the right the ending date. By default, the ending data is the current date. 
  6. Select Export Data.
    A CSV file containing your data is created. 

Premium Reports

Premium users can generate customized PDF reports of their nutrition totals, daily logs, measurements, and notes. These reports are available from the Reports option in the main (left) navigation menu.

Screen Sharing

To email a screenshot of your daily log, go to My Daily Log and select the Share button at the very bottom of the screen. Once the screen shot is generated, a screen appears allowing you to specify the recipient's email address.

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