Are you signed in with a different email address than the one that you used to purchase premium?

If your account is not reflecting your Premium status, first try the following:

  1. Go to Settings > Account Settings
  2. Confirm that the email address listed under Signed in as: matches the email address you used to join Premium. If it does match, try signing out and back in again.

Has the upgrade simply been delayed?

Rarely, something will interrupt the upgrade process and your account will not update immediately. Usually, this is due to updating your credit card information as part of the purchase process.

If this happens, restart the app and try again after a few minutes. 

Did the Premium purchase actually go through?

Check your order history to ensure that the purchase went through. You can do so at the following links:

If it did not, please redo the purchase.

If you continue to have problems accessing Premium features, please let us know.

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