In this article, we'll walk you through 9 steps that will get your Carb Manager account 100% set up properly to help you meet your personal health and fitness goals.

Users who follow these 9 steps have an easier time using our app, and are more likely to stick with their diet plans and meet their ultimate fitness goals! 

It's worth taking just a few minutes now to perform each of the following steps:

Step 1: Walk Through the In-App Getting Started Wizard

This wizard is the first thing that you'll see when you first log in to the app. If you skipped the wizard previously, please go through it now.

To launch the wizard, open your main (left) navigation menu (on a mobile device, tap the menu button in the upper left hand corner of your screen).

Select Getting Started from the menu.

The wizard will then walk you through the process of configuring your basic settings, creating your profile, and setting your goals.

Start by choosing your basic settings. The most popular choices have been pre-selected for you.

Tap the information icons to open a description of each setting.

Select continue to move forward in the wizard when you're ready.

Next, create your profile by entering gender, birth year, height, weight, and activity level. These options will help the app generate a basal metabolic rate calculation, which can help determine your ideal calorie intake and macros ratio. 

If you're unsure about choosing an activity level, check out our FAQ.

Select Continue when finished.

Finally, set your goals. 

How do you know what carb goal to set? Easy. We'll set it for you! We just ask that you choose your target calorie deficit and desired diet. 

Once you’re satisfied, select Apply My Macros.

This article provides a more in-depth walk through of the Getting Started Wizard.

Step 2: Create Your Account

When you first download the iOS or Android app, it's possible to skip creating an account and start using the app immediately. If you didn't create an account before, please do so now.

If you don't create an account, you're at risk of losing your data if you lose your device. In addition, data will not be synced between devices or to the website, and you'll be unable to connect health devices like Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch, etc. 

To create an account, open the app, open the main (left) navigation menu, and select Settings.

Next select the link that says Please Create An Account to Keep Your Data Safe.

Enter your email address, choose a password, and select Create.

Step 3: Understand the Keto Diet

While Carb Manager is designed for carb tracking on any carb restricted diet, most of our users are on the Ketogenic diet (Keto).

If you're already a Keto pro, you can skip this step.

But if you're new to Keto, have questions, or need a refresher, complete this step now by reading our article Keto for Total Beginners, which can be found in the Learn About Keto section of the main navigation (left) menu.

From there, select the Keto for Total Beginners article.

That article should help you to get your bearings and teach you everything that you need to know to reach your fitness and health goals with Keto. 

If you want to go further, you'll find a variety of other articles on macros, healthy fats, the "Keto flu", drinking alcohol on Keto, and much more at that same link.

Step 4: Set Goals

Goals are crucial for getting from where you are to where you want to be when it comes to health and fitness.

Whether you're counting carbs in order to lose weight, gain weight, feel more energetic, or to maintain a diet for medical purposes, you'll be much more likely to attain your desired outcome if you set specific goals.

When you completed Step 1 (The Getting Started Wizard), you set goals for weight and macros (carbs, protein, and fat). 

If you're new to low carb or you just want to keep things simple, that's a great start. You can move on to the next step with just those goals.

But if you have additional diet or health goals, we encourage you to add them to your profile now so that you can start tracking your progress from day 1.

To add these additional goals, open your main (left) navigation menu, and select Settings.

In the Settings section tabs, you'll find options for Diet Goals and Health Goals

Under Diet Goals, you can track additional macros like sugar, fiber, specific types of fats, etc., as well as "energy" related metrics like calories burned, meal goals, and goals for micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).

Under Health Goals, you can track a variety of metrics including water intake, sleep, steps, body measurements, ketones, and glucose to name a few. 

Note that some of these goals are restricted to Premium users only. 

Again, if you do have additional goals, enter them now so that you can begin tracking progress immediately.

Step 5: Plan a Week's Worth of Meals

Planning your meals ahead of time is a great way to hit the "easy button" on your low carb diet.

Users who plan a week's worth of meals from the beginning have a higher success rate in creating a healthier lifestyle and achieving their goals.

Planning meals with Carb Manager is easy for Premium users, who get access to our exclusive custom meal plan generator, printable shopping lists, and the ability to log meals for future dates. 

Premium users: Click here to plan your first week's worth of meals in just a few steps.

Free users: While most of our meal planning features are limited to the Premium plan, planning a week's worth of meals at a time is a strong predictor of success in sticking with your diet and reaching your goals. 

We strongly encourage you to visit the Recipes database on our website right now and decide on a week's worth of them to enjoy!

Step 6: Turn on Reminders

There's a famous quote that says "What gets measured gets managed".

You've already set goals for managing your weight and/or health.

Customers who attain those goals tend to be the ones who are strict about measuring their progress from day 1. 

We understand how busy life can get, so the best way to make sure that you enter those measurements every day is to set reminders.

1) Meal Reminders

First, for iOS users, be sure to allow notifications for the app on your mobile device. 

Note: Notifications are coming soon for Android users.

On iOS, visit Settings > Notifications, find Carb Manager, then activate Allow Notifications.

Second, turn on meal reminders within the Carb Manager app itself by opening the main (left) navigation menu and selecting Settings.

Select the Advanced tab.

Finally, scroll down to Meal Reminders, and choose a time to be reminded about logging each meal.

For Android users, we recommend creating alarms on your device for each meal until you get into the habit of logging them. 

2) Weight & Health Reminders

Carb Manager doesn't currently support built-in reminders to log your weight or other health measurements, although this feature is on our roadmap.

However, logging weight and other health metrics at the same time every day is highly recommend. 

That's because, first, creating a consistent schedule helps to ensure that logging your measurements becomes a habit. 

And second, weight, ketones, blood glucose, and other measurements can naturally vary throughout the day due to normal body rhythms; logging these measurements at a consistent time can help to "smooth out" these natural variances and make tracking more accurate.

So for the time being, please set an alarm on your phone as a reminder to log your weight and any other health metrics that you're tracking at the same time each day. 

For weight measurements, we recommend setting the alarm for first thing in the morning.

Step 7: Introduce Yourself in the Forums

Connecting with others who share similar weight and health goals makes a huge difference.

Users who actively participate in our Community forums report at least three times the results of those who try to go it alone. 

To ensure your success, please visit our friendly and welcoming community now and introduce yourself!

Just open your main (left) navigation menu, and select Community.

Optionally, upload a profile picture (recommended).

Then, swipe left and select the Forum tab.

Finally, open the Introduce Yourself forum and say hello! You can read what others have written for inspiration. Our community is super friendly and loves to give newcomers a warm welcome.

Step 8: Join the Carb Manager Challenge

While you're in the Community section, go ahead and join our Carb Manager Challenge, where you can earn points and compete with other members in pursuing your goals!

You can join any time; a new challenge starts every Monday and runs for 4 weeks.

Get motivated, stay accountable, and crush your goals!

We hear every week from members tell us how important the challenge was for them in starting their diet off on the right foot, getting back on track, or pushing through a difficult period.

Step 9: Sign up for Carb Manager Premium!

Premium users report more consistent progress toward their weight loss and other health goals.

Our premium plan starts at just $3.34/month. This article provides more details on pricing and subscription options.

Premium membership includes:

  • Access to over 360,000 delicious recipes, including exclusive premium recipes
  • Personalized meal plans
  • A jump start guide
  • A smart meal planner
  • Automatic, printable shopping lists
  • Unlimited logging
  • Advanced analysis & reports to make diet tracking more effective
  • State-of-the-art food logging features
  • Third-party fitness device integration (Fitbit, Garmin, Apple etc)
  • ...and more!

To get started, just open you main (left) navigation menu, and select Go Premium.

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