The Community's Groups tab provides access to existing groups, where specific topics are discussed by Carb Manager users. Groups are a great way to get advice, ask questions, or share stories during your journey.

Users who get involved in the community are at least three times more likely to stick with Keto or other low carb lifestyles and attain their fitness goals.

Note: Groups are meant for "messaging" style discussions and do not support links, markup, or images. If you're interested in more in-depth discussions, take a look at the forums. 

Accessing Groups and Finding a Specific Group

To access Carb Manager groups, select Community from the main (left) navigation menu, and select the Groups tab. The most popular groups, based on membership, are listed by default.

If you enjoy scrolling, you can scroll down and view each available group. However, if you're looking to save time, you can also search for a specific groups using the Search box.

Select any listed group to access the most recent posts or add your own comments.

Joining a Group

If you find a group you like and want easy future access to, select the Join button. 

The joined group is now listed at the top of the Groups tab in the My Groups section.

Note: You can remove yourself from a group at any time. 

Creating a Group

Can't find a group that covers the topic you're interested in. Create your own using the +New option and then invite your friends to join!

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