Since 2010, Carb Manager has helped over 3 million people succeed on their low carb and ketogenic lifestyles. Share you story to help inspire others and show how successful you've been! 

Why Should I Share My Story?

If you have lost significant amount of weight (over 20% of your body weight) and improved your health using Carb Manager, we want to hear from you! If your story is selected, you will receive a $100 Amazon e-gift card upon publication. And you could even provide motivation for other users. 

How Do I Share My Story?

It's easy! But before you get started, be sure to have access to "before" and "after" pictures that can be uploaded. These are required. 

Once you're ready to go, select Community from the main (left) navigation menu, and select the Stories tab.

Select the Share Your Story button.

From the Carb Manager Success Stories screen that appears, select OK, and then fill out the questionnaire. The screen walks you through the process, including the disclaimer at the end.

Once you have completed the entire questionnaire, select Done.

Thanks for sharing your story! We'll notify you if your story is selected, and we wish you nothing but continued success.

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