For added motivation in achieving your health and diet goals, our Benchmarks tool lets you compare your macros and food consumption to averages for the United States. 

To access the Benchmarks tool, navigate to Analysis from your main (left) navigation menu. 

Then, swipe left and select the Benchmarks tab.

  • Left drop down: Select the metric that you'd like to benchmark. 
  • Center drop down: Choose the time period for comparison. 
  • Right drop down: Select the demographic for comparison.

Your total value and percentile are displayed in the boxes at the bottom of the screen.

Your stats are indicated on the graph by the green bar. The position of your bar (left to right) on the graph is determined by your percentile. The length of your bar is determined by your total value for the metric chosen.

The grey bars from left to right indicate average macro consumption for other percentiles nationally. 

In the example above, we've consumed an ultra low 6.7g of total carbs over the past 7 days, which puts us in the .2 percentile for total carb consumption in the United States.

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