Your Carb Manager profile is used to determine diet and health goals. It is also used to analyze your progress. For this reason, the information you enter must be accurate. If you made a mistake or your activity level has changed, you can edit your profile.

Important Notes: 

  • On the date you begin to use Carb Manager, your Start weight and Current weight will be the same number because both values equal what you weigh on that date.  
  • As you progress, you'll add and track your weight readings in My Measurements. 
  • Whenever you add a new measurement, the Current Weight in your profile will change automatically.

Edit your profile

From the main (left) navigation menu, select Settings.

In Settings, select the My Profile tab. 

Your current profile settings are shown.

You can edit the current information by selecting from the dropdown menus, using the plus (+) or minus (-) buttons or by typing directly into the weight fields. The new values are saved immediately.

Updating your Goals

Now, you must go to the Macros tab to update your goals. First tap the Recalculate Calories Goal button and then tap the blue Apply My Macros button.

Tip: Rather use metric units for your height and weight? It's easy to switch

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