The Carb Manager Support Center (sometimes referred to as the "knowledge base") is designed to assist customers who prefer "self help" in finding answers to any question that they might have about Carb Manager.

It's located at, and is organized into 10 collections.

When looking for help, we recommend using the "search bar" at the top of each page. 

Type in a question or keywords related to what you're looking for.

If you're just exploring, you can browse the articles in each collection.

Support Center Collections

The Support Center contains the following collections:

  • Getting Started

    Designed to get you up and running, teach you how to track carbs and other macros, provide tours of different features, and offer an introduction to more advanced functions.
  • My Daily Log

    My Daily Log is your homepage in the Carb Manager app, and is so important that it gets its very own collection.
  • Food & Meals

    Learn how to search for and add foods to your log, and to create custom foods, meals, meal plans, and recipes.
  • Exercise

    Log exercise, connect a Fitbit or Garmin, sync with Apple Health, and configure custom fitness settings.
  • Monitoring & Analysis

    Carb Manager offers a variety of advanced health metric analysis features. Track weight, glucose, and body measurements. Analyze progress toward goals over time. View advanced data correlations. And even predict your weight in the future!
  • Setting Goals

    Learn to set diet and health goals effectively across metrics likes macros (protein/fats/carbs), calories, weight, nutrients, body measurements, and more.
  • Education & Community

    Instructions and tips for getting involved with the Carb Manager community; links to articles to help you learn more about the low carb lifestyle.
  • Advanced Features

    Advanced topics that don't fit elsewhere in the Support Center.
  • Account & Billing

    How to manage your account and payments.
  • Troubleshooting

    Ran into issues? Something doesn't look right? These articles will help you get it fixed.

Support Center Collection Sub-Sections

Most collections are broken up into sub-sections including: 

  • How To

    Articles that teach you how to accomplish a specific task in the app.
  • Overview

    Articles that go in-depth on a specific topic.
  • FAQs

    (Relatively) short answers to frequently asked questions.

Note: The Getting Started and Troubleshooting collections are not broken into sub-sections at this time.

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