Add body and health measurements
  • 24 Apr 2024
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Add body and health measurements

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Article summary

If you add body and health measurements in Carb Manager, you can view and analyze your progress over time. You can also add photos of body measurements to create a visual history of your progress.

All Carb Manager users can add weight measurements. If you have a Premium subscription, you can add a variety of other body and health measurements and set goals for those measurements, including BMI, waist size, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and more.

Tip: Set goals for body and health measurements to help you track your effort over time.
Tip: Carb Manager automatically tracks your progress toward nutrition and macro goals as you log food. To view your progress toward diet goals, see View progress and gain insights toward goals.
Tip: If you already synced a fitness device or app, Carb Manager displays data for the measurement you selected if data is available. For more information, see View wellness data from a fitness device or app.
Tip: If your weight changes over time, log your weight to ensure that Carb Manager provides you with the most accurate information. You can log weight from the main menu. Also, if you have an iOS or Android device, you can log weight from your device's home screen: touch and hold the Carb Manager app icon until the quick actions menu opens, then tap Log Weight.
  1. Go to Goals icon Goals in the main menu.
  2. In the Progress tab, select Change to view categories of all measurements that are available.
  3. In the All Measurements screen, select one of the following categories.
    • Favorites — Includes measurements that you added to your list of favorites.
    • Weight Measurements — Includes body weight, body fat, BMI, and more.
    • Body Measurements — Includes waist size, hip size, arm size, and more.
    • Health Measurements — Includes blood glucose, ketones, GKI, and more.
    • Energy and Macros — Includes carbs, protein, fat, fiber, and more.
    • Micronutrients — Includes vitamins and minerals.
    • Lifestyle — Includes exercise, fasting, hydration, sleep, and more.
  4. In the screen for the measurement category you selected, select an item that you want to track.
    Tip: Select the Favorite icon heart next to an item to add the item to your list of favorites.
    Tip: Carb Manager displays your history of measurements for the item you selected. For more information, see View and analyze progress toward goals.
  5. Optional: To set a goal for the item you selected, select Set Goal below the chart, enter a goal, and select Submit. (To change a goal that you previously set, select your current goal and submit your changes.)
    Tip: For more information about setting goals, see Set health goals for weight, activity, and more and Set a fasting goal.
  6. Select Add New Measurement.
  7. In the measurement screen that opens, enter your information in the fields that are available.
    Note: Some measurements include different fields. For example, to enter blood pressure measurements, select Blood Pressure (Sys) from the list and enter your systolic number, and then select Blood Pressure (Dia) to enter your diastolic number.
    Tip: Carb Manager automatically enters some measurement details, such as the current date and time, but you can change them.
  8. Select Submit to save the measurement.
    Carb Manager displays the measurement in the chart and in the History section below the chart. Measurements for blood glucose, ketones, and insulin also appear in the daily log.
  9. Premium Option for weight and body measurements: To add a photo to a weight or body measurement, go to the History section below the chart, select Add Photo for a measurement, and select a photo on your mobile device or computer.

The Progress tab shows your measurement history and progress.

For more information about tracking your progress, see View progress and gain insights toward goals.