Create custom meals
  • 05 Oct 2021
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Create custom meals

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Article summary

When you create a custom meal, you can group foods that you generally eat at the same time, which allows you to log all of the foods at one time. When you create a meal, Carb Manager automatically calculates the meal’s nutrition.

Watch: How to create custom meals

  1. Web app users: Go to the Home icon Daily Log.
  2. Select Add button Add Item(image of Add Food button) Add Food.
  3. Select Options icon Options > Create Meal.
  4. In the Create Meal screen, enter the name of the meal.
  5. Enter Serving information, including an Amount, Serving Size, and Weight per serving (optional).
    Important: Be sure to enter an accurate serving amount and serving size. This will ensure Carb Manager accurately calculates your nutrition and health data.
    Tip: If you don’t see a Serving Size description that matches your food, select Other from the list and enter your own serving size description. For example, if you are creating custom meatballs, you could enter meatballs as the serving size description.
    Tip: To enter part of a whole serving, either enter a decimal in the Servings field, such as .5, or select a fraction from the list, such as 1/2. In the mobile app, if you only want to select whole and partial servings from a list instead of entering numbers, select Switch to Selector.
  6. In the Add Foods section, complete the following steps.
    1. Select Add Food.
    2. Select a food that you want to include in the custom meal, enter serving size details, then select Add. Repeat this step for each food you want to add. To refine the list of foods, do any of the following steps.
      • Select Search My Foods or Search All Foods from the list at the top of the screen.
      • Search for a name or description of a food.
      • Select one of the following buttons to refine the list: All, Brands, Common, Premium Recipes, Member Foods, and Member Recipes.
      • Select Filter icon Filter in the Search field and adjust the Macro Filters settings to find foods based on your preferred macro ratios.
    3. Select Done.
  7. Optional: To include a picture of the meal, select Add Photo, then select an image.
  8. Select Continue.
  9. Optional: To save the custom meal to a specific folder in the My Foods tab, either select a folder from the list or complete the following steps to create a new folder.
    1. Select New Folder.
    2. Enter a Folder Name.
    3. Select Add Item button Add.
  10. Select Create Meal.

The custom meal is now ready for you to log. The meal appears in My Foods and is automatically tagged as a favorite food.