Edit meal plans
  • 23 Jul 2022
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Edit meal plans

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Article summary

If you want to change a meal plan, you can edit meals either before or after you start the plan. Edit planned meals from within the daily log, or edit custom meal plans, generated meal plans, or curated meal plans (if you copied them) from your list of My Foods

Tip: You can stop a meal plan at any time.

Edit a curated meal plan

You can edit a curated meal plan in My Foods after you copy the plan.

  1. Go to Meals in the main menu.
  2. In the Meal Planning tab, select a meal plan.
  3. In the plan’s detail screen, select Options > Copy to My Foods.
  4. Open the plan that you copied to My Foods and edit the plan. For details, see the "Edit a meal plan listed in My Foods" section of this article.

Edit a meal plan listed in My Foods

You can edit any meal plan that is in your My Foods list, which includes custom meal plans that you created, meal plans that you generated and saved, and curated meal plans that you copied.

Note: Changes that you make to a meal plan will not affect the meals you previously logged from that plan. To edit meals that you already logged, see Edit daily log entries.
  1. Web app users: Go to the Daily Log.
  2. Select (image of Add button) Add Item(image of Add Food button) Add Food.
  3. Select the My Foods tab, then select a meal plan.
    Tip: To narrow the list of items in the My Foods tab, select My Meal Plans or search for a name or description of a meal plan. For more information, see Find foods, recipes, and meals.
    Tip: You can also select Meals in the main menu to search in My Foods. 
  4. In the meal plan’s screen, select Options > Edit Meal Plan.
  5. Optional: In the Edit Meal Plan screen, step 1 of 2, update the name or description.
  6. Optional: To save the meal plan to a specific folder in the My Foods tab, either select a folder from the list or complete the following steps to create a new folder.
    1. Select New Folder.
    2. Enter a Folder Name.
    3. Select Add.
  7. Select Continue.
  8. In the Edit Meal Plan screen, step 2 of 2, do any of the following tasks.
    • To edit details about a day, including changing foods and removing meals, select Options > Edit Day, make your changes (such as move or remove a meal, edit or remove a food, or add a food), and select Save.
    • To change the order of days in a plan, select Options next to a day and choose Reorder to turn on Reorder mode, then select Reorder next to a day and move the day to a new location. When you finish rearranging days, select Turn Off.
    • To delete a day from the plan, select Options > Delete Day, then select Submit.
    • To add a day to the plan, go the bottom of the screen and select Add Day, then select Options > Edit Day to add foods to the day.
  9. Select Save & Finish to confirm the changes that you made to your meal plan.

Your changes will take effect the next time you start the plan.

Important: If you want to change the number of meals, the meal headings, or the order in which meal sections appear in the daily log, change your meal settings before you start a meal plan to ensure Carb Manager plans meals based on your preferred settings.

Edit a planned meal before you log it

If you started a meal plan and you consumed food or servings that are different from the planned meals that appear in the daily log, complete these steps to edit a planned item.

Note: Changes that you make to a planned meal in the daily log will not affect the original meal plan in our database.
  1. Go to the Daily Log.
  2. Select the Expander next to the planned item and select Edit to change the planned items’ serving amount, size, or other values.
  3. Select Log to add the edited item to the daily log.
  4. Optional: If you consumed something that was different from what you planned, select the Expander and choose Delete to remove the planned item. Next, select (image of Add button) Add Item(image of Add Food button) Add Food to replace the deleted item.