Carb Manager Release Notes
  • 30 May 2024
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Carb Manager Release Notes

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Article summary

7.27.0 public


  • We made some updates to the functionality of the beta Premium AI Recipe Finder. This is currently only available to select users, the full rollout will be completed by the end of next week.  
  • Add New Measurement was changed to Add New Weight in Goals.
  • New checks were added to ensure that barcodes are valid when creating new foods.

7.26.0 public


  • We updated the Custom Meal Plan functionality so it will print in the correct order. 
  • We added support for our beta AI Recipe Finder test.

7.25.0 public


  • We made some improvements in how our app recognizes certain barcode formats. 
  • We added a cancelation survey. 
  • We made some improvements to our subscription management features. 
  • Google Fit integration has been removed for all users. 


7.24.0 public


  • We fixed a typo in the Subscription detail screen in the app.
  • Updated Google Fit access to support upcoming changes. 
  • We added support for UPC-E style barcodes. 
  • We fixed an issue with alarms in Android 14. 
  • Added support for updated subscription management features. 
  • The subscription detail screen has been updated to provide more information. 
  • We resolved an issue with the app tour.  

7.23.0 public


  • Special characters were causing a display issue. We fixed that. 
  • We fixed the message displayed on the sign-out modal.  
  • Some updates were made to the subscription detail screen. 
  • Some css issues in the food finder were cleaned up. 
  • We updated the wording in a few different sections of the app. 
  • Support was added for upcoming enhancements to the subscription details screen. 
  • We fixed an issue in the Getting Started Wizard. 
  • Some changes were made to improve the food finder experience. 

7.22.0 public


  • Custom meal plans were not logged in the same order as they were saved. We fixed this issue. 
  • We fixed an issue with the Add Water icon pop-up.
  • Some updates were made to the food finder. 
  • We updated the screen that displays when a barcode is scanned and not found.  
  • An issue with the scroll functionality in the food search was fixed.  

7.21.0 public


  • We improved the messaging for certain app loading issues.

7.19. public


  • A Previously Logged icon is now attached to foods you have logged before.
  • We fixed an issue with all-day fasts.
  • There is now a direct link to the Macros Calculator from the Daily Log's My Macros chart.
  • Carb Manager verified foods are now easily identifiable with a Verified icon.

7.18. public


  • User avatars were updated.
  • The add button now remains the same size while logging multiple food items (it was getting smaller).
  • The in-app onboarding steps were much improved.
  • Some recipe importing issues were fixed.

7.8.0 public


  • We updated our privacy policy.  

7.7.0 public


  • We made some updates to our recipe functionality to help with discoverability.

7.6.0 public


  • We fixed an issue that was affecting the Keto Grade on foods that were copied to My Foods.
  • Carb Manager can now reply to comments on our articles.
  •  An issue affecting the scaling of meal plans was fixed.

7.5.0 public


  • We fixed an issue that was causingthe weekly summary to display the incorrect number of days exercised.
  • Sometimes the old meal hub tour was showing when Carb Manager was launched. We resolved this issue.
  • We fixed an issue that was causing Carb Manager to crash for some users when they viewed Premium recipes.
  • We updated the app so that timestamps are now displayed in member-generated reports.
  • Monday's totals were excluded from some members' weekly summary reports, which has been fixed.
  • An issue causing daily log charts to default to My Week was corrected.
  • We updated the app so that Meal Goals are adjusted when a Meal is hidden.
  • There were some cases where recipes not matching the filter were selected when creating a meal plan.

7.3.13 public


  • In some cases, calories were not being converted to Kilojoules correctly, and this has been fixed.

7.3.12 public


  • Some recipes weren't being displayed when filters were applied. We fixed that.  

7.3.11 public


  • We fixed an issue affecting recipe import.
  • We corrected the issue causing Hidden/Completed items to be listed normally on a printed shopping list.
  • We fixed an issue that occurred when adding duplicate food to a custom meal plan. 
  • Fixed an issue with the macro filter when searching for a food with a zero value.
  • Fixed an issue where some users could not view their friend's daily log in Connect.
  • Fixed an issue where when a different app is opened, users received a prompt to open Carb Manager.

7.3.10 public


  • We fixed some inconsistent behavior users were experiencing when trying to contact our Support Team!
  • Users saw incorrect water consumption totals when viewing their friends' Daily Logs in the Connect section, so we resolved that issue.
  • Planned foods were being displayed in hidden meal sections, but we fixed that!
  • We resolved an issue that was occurring when viewing benchmark data in Goals>Insights>Benchmarks>Calories when tracking kilojoules. 
  • Imported recipes were showing incorrect nutritional information when an ingredient was edited, but this is fixed now.
  • Member recipes will no longer appear in the Meal Plan Generator.
  • We fixed an issue that some users were experiencing when naming their folders that was preventing the folder dropdown from loading properly.

7.3.7 public


  • Some users' streaks were ending if they were over their goal by hundredths of a gram, but we fixed that!
  • The app was crashing on iPhones when trying to create a meal plan or recipe, but it won't anymore! 🙌
  • We fixed a few issues with the iOS widget that were causing logged exercises and the My Week chart to be inaccurate.
  • Sometimes, users were getting an error message when trying to add a serving size of less than 1.
  • Users were getting a message that said "Kilojoules Mismatch" in the Getting Started Wizard, but we've fixed this!

7.3.6 public


  • We've improved how we summarize your Fitbit data. For details, see Sync wellness data between a Fitbit device and Carb Manager.
  • We fixed an issue that was causing the Challenge leaderboard rankings to show out of order.
  • We made some fixes to our Google Fit integration.
  • We updated our user onboarding tool so that macros will need to adhere to the chosen calorie goal.

7.3.4 public


  • Editing a food was sometimes logging it to Breakfast by default, but this is fixed now!
  • We fixed an issue that was causing the Shopping List feature to generate incorrect quantities.
  • Ingredients with Quick Edits that were part of a Custom Recipe reverted to their original version when editing the Custom Recipe. This issue has been resolved!
  • When glucose and ketone readings were moved to a different meal, the GKI reading remained in the original meal, but we've fixed this issue.
  • Generated reports were not displaying a timestamp that matched the timestamp logged in Goals, but now the timestamps will match!
  • Sleep data wasn't being synced properly from Fitbit, but now users will see the correct sleep data in the Goals section!

7.3.3 public

2022-10-12 (Hugh Jackman's Birthday)

  • Our Shopping List feature was showing incorrect totals for repeating meals, but we fixed that! 
  • We fixed an issue that was occurring when users tried to edit imported recipes.
  • Recipe search results were sometimes showing a serving size of 0, therefore displaying incorrect nutritional information. We've resolved this issue.
  • The "View More Results" button in the Meal Plans page was still visible even when there were no more results. Now it will no longer show once all results are displayed! 
  • Dinner Meal options were showing amongst Dinner Sides options when generating a meal plan, but now only Sides will show when viewing Sides! 🥘
  • The wrong energy unit was showing when using the Quick Edit feature, but now the user's chosen energy unit will appear.
  • User progress photos uploaded in the Goals section were not displaying consistently and sometimes they disappeared! We've fixed this now!
  • Users will now see a message if they're trying to download a report for a time period with no data.

7.2.9 public

2022-07-07 (World Chocolate Day 🍫)

  • When viewing a food's, meal's, or recipe's detail screen, users can now tap the wheel to view the macronutrient percentages of that entry!
  • Users were having trouble saving the correct serving size when creating a custom food, but we have fixed this issue! 
  • Some users were having issues maintaining their fasting settings when editing a custom fast, but that is resolved now!
  • We will now let you know when a recipe is fresh out of the kitchen! You'll see a "New" icon next to the recipe's image! 🆕
  • Users can now enter the value ".0" when adding a measurement. For example, "230.0". Previously, the user would get an error message when entering a .0 value. 

7.2.5 public

2022-05-23 (World Turtle Day 🐢)

  • Users weren't able to use decimal points when creating foods and recipes, but this issue is now resolved!
  • When entering sleep data, some users were finding that the numbers they typed weren't the numbers shown! This is fixed now! 😴
  • Users can no longer accidentally log foods to meals that have been hidden.
  • Fiber is now available to view in the dropdown menu of the In-Depth section! 🎉
  • The nutritional and ingredient information for recipes was showing incorrectly when the servings yield was set to 0, but that's fixed now!
  • We made some updates to our Intermittent Fasting feature! Users can now set a fast for more than 24 hours! We have also made a few small cosmetic changes to the interface. 💄
  • Some users were having trouble resetting their passwords; this is now fixed! 

7.2.2 public

2022-04-28 (Penélope Cruz's Birthday 🎉)

  • Users weren’t able to see some of the graph values when viewing logged exercises in the Progress section, but we’ve fixed this issue.
  • We thought the font size in the Premium recipe descriptions looked too big, so we made it smaller.
  • Users were accidentally flagging comments since the “Reply” and “Report Comment” buttons were so close to each other, so we moved them around a bit to prevent this from happening! 🏁
  • Users were viewing "Urine Test (AcAc)" selected as ketone type when adding ketones from the "Add" button. Now this section will default to the ketone type that is set in App Settings.
  • The shopping list feature was grouping completed items with recently added (not yet completed) items, even when recently added items weren’t marked completed yet. Now users will see the correct totals on their shopping list! 🛍️
  • Glycemic load data is now available in custom and Premium recipes! 
  • When users view a food’s detail screen, they can now view the food’s barcode! This way, when users submit photos for food verification, they can be sure that they are submitting photos for the correct food.
  • Users were receiving an error message when editing existing recipes, but we’ve fixed that.

7.2.1 public

2022-04-14 (Sarah Michelle Gellar's Birthday🎭)

  • When navigating to My Foods from the Meals tab, foods were being added to breakfast by default, so we fixed that to reflect the appropriate mealtime.
  • Users were receiving an error when editing a custom exercise, then trying to add it to their log, but that won't happen anymore!
  • We made sure the app always remembers the last chart users viewed in the daily log so that it doesn't default back to the My Macros Chart.
  • Some cosmetic changes were made to the Articles and Keto Academy section of our app to make it easier to view all of the articles and videos in our curated collections!

7.1.2 public

2022-03-31 (Christopher Walken's Birthday 🎭)

  • Users will now see their most recent searches at the top of the list in the Food Finder.
  • In the past, users could adjust their fasting times in increments of 30 minutes. Now, users can be even more precise when tracking fasting, with the ability to adjust their fasts in increments of 15 minutes! 
  • Android app users can now use app shortcuts to log food faster!
  • Our Intermittent Fasting widget got a new look in the Daily Log!
  • Some users were having trouble uploading a progress photo to a weight entry, but we’ve resolved that issue!
  • As usual, we made some additional improvements to the app to make it look better and run smoother! 

7.1.43 public

2022-03-23 (World Meteorological Day ☄️)

  • We have successfully launched our redesign of the Meals section; Introducing the new Meals Hub! 🎉 You can now easily access your Favorites, My Foods, view Premium Recipes, create custom foods, and more, all in one place!

7.1.42 public

2022-03-15 (World Consumer Rights Day)

  • We made some improvements to our web checkout that will make our customer service team very happy! 😃
  • Our users who want to gain muscle will now see a green, upward curve in the Macros Calculator.
  • We made it easier for our team to share Carb Manager's amazing content (like our articles!) with users. 📖

7.1.41 public

2022-02-23 (Dakota Fanning’s Birthday 🎂)

  • Users can now help us verify foods by submitting photos! 📸
  • We’re now helping users keep track of their custom foods by letting them know if they’re creating a duplicate food.
  • We made some tweaks to our search to improve performance. 🥑
  • We added allulose as a nutrient for more precise net carb tracking! 
  • We've made it so your recent searches will be the first results suggested when you're performing a new food search.
  • We continued to improve our Intermittent Fasting feature and fixed a few bugs.
  • Our developers did a few extra things behind the scenes to keep our app awesome.

7.1.40 public

2022-02-10 (Fenkil Day in Eritrea 🇪🇷)

  • Some users were seeing “NaN’ when viewing their health measurements, but we’ve taken care of that!
  • Our goals chart wasn't as well-aligned as we would have liked, so we moved it back inline.
  • We made some security updates.
  • Some recipe videos were playing when they weren’t supposed to, but that is fixed now. 📹
  • Fixed an issue with the "Create Food" button for small devices.
  • When creating a Meal Plan and reordering foods, the reordering wasn’t always saved, but now it is!
  • Meal plan filters weren’t being applied to search results, but they are now.

7.1.38 public

2022-02-08 (Propose Day in India 🇮🇳)

  • Some Android users were having trouble making purchases, but that issue has been resolved

7.1.37 public

2022-02-07 (Grenada’s Independence Day 🇬🇩)

  • Worked on some stuff behind the scenes to improve our user experience

7.1.36 public

2022-02-03 (Heroe’s Day in Mozambique 🇲🇿 )

  • We made it even easier for users to upgrade to Premium! 🎉

7.1.33 public

2022-01-28 (Data Privacy Day 👾)

  • We made some performance improvements to our food search!

7.1.32 public

2022-01-27 (Bridget Fonda's Birthday 👱‍♀️)

  • We made our recipe cards look prettier 💅
  • Made some nice backend changes to keep our developers happy
  • Continued to make improvements to our Intermittent Fasting feature

7.1.31 public

2022-01-26 (Australia Day 🇦🇺)

  • Made some awesome improvements to our Intermittent Fasting feature 
  • Users weren’t able to create custom foods with special characters, but we fixed that
  • There were some rare backend bugs in the Ratio vs Goal chart and we've sorted those out

7.1.30 public

2022-01-18 (International Migrants Day 🏳)

  • Our development team has done clever things under the hood to ensure updates arrive smoothly over the airwaves (or via cable, if that’s how you roll).

7.1.29 public

2022-01-14 (49th anniversary of Bonanza’s last episode 🤠)

  • Our team has reverted some features due to an issue with a third-party provider.

7.1.28 public

2022-01-14 (Korean Alphabet Day 🇰🇷)

  • We received some reports of our food search suggestions being a bit over-enthusiastic and displaying where they shouldn’t. We set some clear boundaries, and it now has a renewed focus.

7.1.27 public

2022-01-13 (Julian Calendar New Year 🗓)

  • Our carousel fix caused some recipes to disappear as you swiped, so we fixed that.

7.1.26 public

2022-01-12 (India’s National Youth Day 🇮🇳)

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes scanning a barcode blocked users from creating a new custom food.
  • Some of our content carousels stopped spinning. We changed the motors on them, they’re spinning smoothly now.
  • Updated our sleep reports to show hours across the board (sometimes it showed minutes instead). You can sleep soundly now.
  • Contacting support required two clicks - we improved the efficiency of that feature by 50% and now it only requires one click.
  • Improved the UI in our search suggestions to keep things cleaner as you type.
  • Our custom food creation wasn’t saving Vitamin D values correctly. It is now.
  • Updated many code magic things to make the app better and more secure. And also to make our developers happier.

7.1.25 public

2021-12-20 (International Human Solidarity Day 🤲)

  • There was an issue preventing anonymous users from signing up for Premium. That is no more.

7.1.24 public

2021-12-16 (248th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party 🫖⛵️)

  • We moved the iOS carb counter notification badge to Advanced
  • Fixed an issue where our “Sign-up for Premium” screens were showing the wrong currency under some circumstances
  • New users are now greeted with a friendly tour showcasing the main areas of our app
  • There were a few other tech things to improve some of the tech done by our techies.

7.1.23 public

2021-12-15 (Zamenhof Day 🗣)

  • Big improvement on our shopping list grouping items to avoid trolley traffic.
  • Update to our Intermittent Fasting flexible mode to allow for start and stop of fasts
  • Our food finder will now suggest foods as you type.
  • We had a bug where only dinner meal reminders were being sent - we’ll now remind you of your other meals too.
  • It turns out that, just like everyone, sometimes our code had issues converting feet to centimeters while updating your height. Our code learned what to do and it’s flawless now.

7.1.22 public

2021-12-06 (St. Nicholas Day

  • Are you fasting? We added a "Fasting Friendly" category tag to our Recipes, just for you! 
  • Keto-Mojo Integration is no longer an Experimental Feature. You can get set up in App Settings.
  • Exporting PDF reports for any date range is now fully operational.
  • You can search for Web Recipes again without issue. Delicious!
  • The Goals screen sometimes didn't include today's logs in average calculations. - FIXED!
  • Issue putting decimals in your height measurement - FIXED!

7.1.19 public

2021-11-09 (Pepero Day - South Korea Valentine's day 🇰🇷🥰)

  • Keto Mojo Integration is available for our Premium users under Experimental Features! Hurray!
  • Challenge pages loading faster
  • Added some nice touches to the Food Finder to make it easier to log your foods
  • Allowing decimal points for weight measurements so you can be very precise about all that progress
  • Fixed our keto grade calculations for some meals and recipes where things weren't quite right
  • Fixed "Say Your Foods" availability for premium users

7.1.18 public

2021-10-20 (US National Teeth Brushing day 🦷)

  • Fix for an oopsie where the labels in the app could only be understood by robots.

7.1.17 public

2021-10-20 (International Animation Day 🏃)

  • Updates to cover some iOS15 changes under the hood.
  • PDF reports for the goals section are here, and oh how look they good!
  • The Remove Planned Foods has been fixed to do what it says on the tin - it now will remove all planned foods for the daily logs on the day you're at.
  • Food timestamp not being cleared when you cleared it - FIXED!
  • Custom serving weight not persisting when you set it for a custom food - FIXED!
  • Issue with manually adding foods to your shopping list - FIXED!

7.1.16 public

2021-10-20 (World Statistics Day 📊)

  • Something was out of alignment in the daily log, we brought it back in line.

7.1.15 public

2021-10-13 (Paramedics day in Poland 🚑🇵🇱)

  • Taught folders to delete themselves when someone clicks on the "Delete" button
  • Removed timestamp from daily log when time tracking is disabled
  • Added a whole new "Fasting Friendly" recipe section for our fasting fanatics
  • Our meal planner now remembers your last settings so you don't have to tell us about your preferences every time.
  • Fixed a an issue preventing users from logging food when they had fasting enabled.

7.1.14 public

2021-10-13 (Teacher's day in Laos 🇱🇦)

  • Bugs were fixed, without introducing new bugs.


2021-10-05 (World Teacher's Day 👩‍🏫))

  • Flexible intermittent fasting is here! When selecting your program you can choose "Flexible", and we'll use your food log to calculate your fasting timings.


2021-09-30 (International Translation Day 🌏)

  • General fixes for the new add button to improve its WOW factor. 🤩
  • Strewth, we realized that for some of our Aussie users our calories to kJ conversions were a bit iffy. We sorted it out and that galah is now a beaut!
  • Occasionally the timing of a logged food was breaking the space-time continuum and causing issues — we fixed that.
  • We've added Omega 3 and 6 when creating custom foods for your fatty acid pleasure.


Released on 2021-09-25 GMT 

  • The date selector wasn't always visible on the daily log when using our desktop app, so we made it stick to the top of the page. You can now see (and change) the date even after you've scrolled down.
  • We fixed some bugs related to our kilojoules calculations.


Released on 2021-09-09 GMT (15 year anniversary of the release of Joey 💁🏻‍♂️)

  • Our Add button has been revised to add more shortcuts and options, and we'll be rolling out its full glory in the next few weeks.
  • Whenever creating a recipe, meal, or meal plan, you can now create, edit and remove your custom foods from within that screen. While there we also introduced more options for you to copy and edit the nutrients without having to leave the recipe or meal screen.
  • "My Foods" was added under the Meals section so you can navigate to your custom foods faster.
  • We fixed an issue with exercise deduction being counted when viewing planned foods. You should carry on planning your foods and exercises in full knowledge we'll expertly take care of the numbers when you log them.
  • We've got our app on a strict diet of whole foods and strength training, and with this release, we shed some of its weight to increase loading speeds and reliability.


Released on 2021-08-26 GMT (Women’s Equality Day)

  • We’ve made it easier to find your frequently eaten foods for each meal in the food finder. When searching for food, tap the drop-down filter and you'll see a "Frequent for Lunch" option if you're adding lunch, for example!
  • You can now attribute a website URL to your custom recipes.
  • If you were trying to print a shopping list from your mobile phone and couldn’t — we fixed that.


Released on 2021-08-16 GMT (Paraguay's Children's Day 🇵🇾👶)

  • We're releasing some excellent recipe videos so you can follow along as you cook — stay tuned!
  • Some of our most keen Challenge users reported issues with the points when they go from one challenge to another or when they join a fresh one. They challenged us to fix that, so we did (100 points).
  • We'll now show if a recipe calls for a specific brand of food.
  • If you have the package in front of you when creating or updating a custom food, we would LOVE it if you used the new barcode scanner!
  • Minor improvement on the fasting data displayed in the Goals section.


Released on 2021-07-29 GMT (International Tiger Day 🐯)

  • A couple of Premium features weren't indicated as such to Basic users — we fixed that.
  • Previously, if you selected a set macro program (like Keto) and fiddled with the macro numbers, it wasn't obvious that those values weren't Keto anymore. To avoid confusion, you can now only edit macro values if you choose "Custom."
  • Creating custom foods, meals, and exercises now has an improved flow.
  • If you don't enter a weight value in the Goal section, we removed the date information from the Progress graphs to avoid space-time continuum issues.
  • Our "Print Weekly Meals" feature has been made available under Meals > Meal Plans.
  • Under a specific use case, our recipe importer would get distracted and stop responding. We sent it on a mindfulness course, and now it's focused and ready to do its job.
  • Improved the In-Depth My Foods tab to display all nutrients for Premium users, so you can have a good look at all that nutrient goodness 😋