Create custom meal plans
  • 30 Dec 2020
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Create custom meal plans

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Premium members can create custom meal plans which appear as a menu of choices that are available for each daily meal and for any number of days. Meal plans can help you meet your goals by enabling you to plan and shop ahead. Start your meal plan right away or schedule it to start on a future date. You can also generate a custom shopping list for a meal plan. 

Tip: Do you want Carb Manager to create a meal plan for you? Choose from a variety of meal plans curated by Carb Manager’s chefs or have Carb Manager generate a meal plan for you.
Tip: To rename or change the number of meals, snacks, or supplements that appear in your daily log, see Customize meal sections in the daily log.
  1. Web app users: Go to the Daily Log.
  2. Select Add Item > Add Food.
  3. Select Options > Create Meal Plan.
  4. On the Create Meal Plan screen, step 1 of 2, complete the following steps to name and describe the meal plan.
    1. Enter a name for the meal plan.
    2. Enter a short description of the plan.
    3. Optional: To save the custom meal plan to a specific folder in the My Foods tab, select a folder from the list. Or to create a new folder, select New Folder, enter a Folder Name, and select Add.
    4. Select Continue.
  5. On the Create Meal Plan screen, step 2 of 2, complete the following steps to add days to the plan and to add foods for each day’s meals, snacks, or supplements.
    1. Select Edit Day. (The first time you create a meal plan, Day 1 is the only day listed.)
    2. In the Day screen, select Add Food for a meal, snack, or supplement.
    3. In the Search Foods screen, find and add food to the meal, snack, or supplement.
      Tip: To find foods to include in your meal plan, see Find foods, recipes, and meals.
    4. When you finish adding food to the meal, snack, or supplement, select Done to close the Search Foods screen.
    5. Repeat the previous steps to add food to the other meals, snacks, or supplements for the day.
    6. Select Save
      Tip: Notice that your target Carbs, Protein, Fats, and Calories/Kilojoules are listed for each day to help you see how well your planned food meets your targets.
    7. Optional: Select Add Day to include another day in your plan. 
    8. Optional: Repeat the previous steps to add food to other days in your meal plan.
    9. Optional: To change the order of days in your plan, select Options next to a day and choose Reorder to turn on Reorder mode, then select Reorder next to a day and move the day to a new location. When you finish rearranging days, select Turn Off.
    10. Select Save & Finish.

Your custom meal plan now appears in My Foods. When you start your meal plan, your suggested food items appear in the daily log beginning on the date that you choose.

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