Edit custom meals
  • 05 Oct 2021
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Edit custom meals

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Article summary

If you previously created a custom meal, you can edit the custom meals, serving size, foods, nutrition information, and other details.

  1. Web app users: Go to the Home icon Daily Log.
  2. Complete one of the following steps:
    • Edit an existing entry in the daily log: Select the custom meal entry that you want to edit. Or select the Expander icon Expander near the side of the entry, then select Edit.
    • Edit a custom meal for future entries:
      1. Select Add button Add Item > (image of Add Food button) Add Food. Or select any Add Food button in the daily log.
      2. In the food selection screen, select the My Foods tab and select a custom meal.
        Tip: To narrow the list of items in the My Foods tab, select Meals or search for the name of the meal. For more information, see Find foods, recipes, and meals.
  3. In the custom meal’s screen, select Options icon Options > Edit Meal.
  4. In the Edit Meal screen, update details about the meal.
    Tip: For more information about custom meals, see Create custom meals.
  5. Select Continue.
  6. Optional: To save the custom meal to a specific folder in the My Foods tab, either select a folder from the list or complete the following steps to create a new folder.
    1. Select New Folder.
    2. Enter a Folder Name.
    3. Select Add Item button Add.
  7. Select Edit Meal to confirm the changes that you made to your custom meal.