Log and create new foods quickly
  • 24 Apr 2024
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Log and create new foods quickly

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Article summary

With Carb Manager’s Quick Entry feature, you can quickly log nutrients that are important to you for any food, even if the food isn’t in our database or you haven’t added it as a custom food. For example, enter a food’s macros and glycemic load (which are important to track for low carb diets), its calories or kilojoules, or other nutrition information, and then log the food to a meal or snack. You can also save it as a custom food, which will appear in your My Foods list and is available for you to log again in the future.

Tip: To log common foods that are in the Carb Manager database or to log custom foods that you already created, see Log one or more foods.
  1. Web app users: Go to the Home icon Daily Log.
    Tip: The daily log opens to today’s date. To log an item to a different date, select a date from the top of the screen. For more information, see View any day in the daily log.
  2. Select (image of Add button) Add Item(image of Add Food button) Add Food. In the screen that opens, Carb Manager selects the meal or snack that is closest to the current time of day, but you can select a different meal type from the list at the top of the screen.
    Tip: You can also go to the section in the Home icon Daily Log for the type of meal that you want to log, such as Breakfast, and select the Add Food button.
    Tip: If you’re a Premium member, you can change the time when a meal, snack, or supplement occurs. For details, see Set time ranges for meals, snacks, and supplements.
  3. In the food selection screen, select Add icon Add Energy icon Quick Entry.
  4. In the Quick Entry screen, enter details about the food, including its name and nutrition facts.
    Tip: If you turned on the setting to track meal times, select Show Advanced and you can change the time that will be logged with the entry.
  5. Optional: To include a picture of the food, near the top of the Quick Entry window, either select Set Icon and choose an image from Carb Manager's library of icons, or select Add Photo and select an image from your mobile device or computer.
  6. Select Save.
  7. Complete one of the following steps.
    • Select the Quick Add button to add the nutrition information to the daily log.
    • Select Add & Save as Custom to save the food as a custom food in your My Foods list, then select Add to add the food and its nutrition information to the daily log.
      Tip: If you save the food as a custom food, you can select Publish to Database to add the food to our database.
  8. Optional: If you are fasting and try to log food during a fasting window, select Continue Logging & Keep Fasting or Log food & break my fast now.
    Tip: To change the food's timestamp to a time within your eating window, select Cancel to return to the food's detail screen, select Show Advanced, and select a different Date or Time. Then, select Add to log the food.

The food and its nutrition summary appear in the daily log.