Share daily logs, foods, recipes, and meals
  • 05 Oct 2021
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Share daily logs, foods, recipes, and meals

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Article Summary

There are many ways to share daily logs, foods, meals, and recipes with others. You can invite Carb Manager members such as family, friends, or your coach, to view each other’s daily logs, progress, and foods. You can also send food and recipe links, or images of your daily log, to others.

If you need to share nutrition or wellness data, you can generate a report.

Share your daily log, progress, and foods

If you connect with friends in Carb Manager, you can and view their progress and interactively share daily logs and foods saved in My Foods.

  1. Go toConnect.
  2. Select the Profile tab if it’s not already selected.
  3. Go to the Friends section of the Profile tab and select a friend to open their profile screen. If you don’t see the friend you want, selectFriends to view all of your friends, then select a friend.
  4. In your friend’s profile, select one of the following tabs
    • Daily Log — View your friend’s daily logs from any day, including foods, meal goals, water, and exercise. You can select a food, recipe, or meal and add it to your log.
    • Progress: View charts of your friend’s macros and energy (calories or kilojoules) consumption for the current week and your friend’s change in weight over time.
    • Foods: View foods, recipes, and meals that are in your friend’s My Foods list. Select a food to view its details, where you can add it to your log, or select Options > Copy Custom [type of food] to copy the food to your My Foods list.
Note: You won’t be able to copy scanned foods that originated from the source Nutritionix, but you can log them. For more details see View sources of food data.
  1. When you’re finished viewing your friend’s profile, select X in the top-left corner to close the profile screen.

Share individual foods, recipes, and meals

  1. Do one of the following steps.
    • To share an item from your daily log, go to the Home icon Daily Log and select a food, recipe, or meal to open its detail screen.
    • To share an item from your list of favorites or another list, go to the Home icon Daily Log (web app users), select Add Item (image of Add Food button) Add Food, then find and select a food, recipe, or meal to open its detail screen.
  2. In the food’s detail screen, do one of the following steps.
    • Mobile app users: SelectOptions >Share food. You’ll be presented with various options based on the apps available on your mobile device, such as email or text message.
    • Web app users: Copy the URL from your internet browser’s address bar and then paste the URL into an email message, or a social app, and send it to your recipient.

Share an image of your daily log

  1. Go to theDaily Log.
    Tip: The daily log opens to today’s date. To view your daily log from a different date, select a date from the top of the screen. For more information, see View any day in the daily log.
  2. Select the Share button. (On a small screen, the button appears at the end of the list of daily log entries. On a large screen, the button appears on the right side of the screen.)
  3. Enter one person’s email address.
  4. Select Share Daily Log.

Carb Manager sends an image of your daily log, in JPG format, to the recipient.

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