Log custom meals
  • 05 Oct 2021
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Log custom meals

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Article Summary

If you’re a Premium member, you can log custom meals to any day, meal, or snack. Complete the steps in this article to log a custom meal.

Do you want to log meals from a meal plan? If you’ve already started a meal plan, each meal is already listed in the daily log. Go to a meal that you want to log and select Add to log. For more information or to start a new meal plan, see Start a meal plan or Log meal plans.
  1. Web app users: Go to the Home icon Daily Log.
    Tip: The daily log opens to today’s date. To log an item to a different date, select a date from the top of the screen. For more information, see View any day in the daily log.
  2. Select Add button Add Item(image of Add Food button) Add Food. In the screen that opens, Carb Manager selects the meal or snack that is closest to the current time of day, but you can select a different meal type from the list at the top of the screen.
    Tip: You can also go to the section in the Home icon Daily Log for the type of meal that you want to log, such as Breakfast, and select the Add Food button.
    Tip: If you’re a Premium member, you can change the time when a meal, snack, or supplement occurs. For details, see Set time ranges for meals, snacks, and supplements.
  3. In the food selection screen, find a meal that you want to log. Meals appear in the All tab and My Foods tab.
    Tip: If you can’t find a meal that you want to log, create a new meal. Select Options icon OptionsCustom Add icon Create Meal. For details, see Create custom meals.
  4. Select the meal that you want to log.
  5. In the Servings section of the meal’s detail screen, enter or select the number of Servings.
    Tip: To enter part of a whole serving, either enter a decimal in the Servings field, such as .5, or select a fraction from the list, such as 1/2. In the mobile app, if you only want to select whole and partial servings from a list instead of entering numbers, select Switch to Selector.
  6. Optional: To change any of the meal’s nutrient values, select Options icon OptionsEdit icon Quick Edit Nutrients, enter a value for one or more nutrients, then select Save Changes. Carb Manager saves the changes to that meal for your account.
    Note: For more information about editing nutrients, including how to reset changes you made, see View and edit nutrition information in foods, recipes, and meals.
  7. Optional: To see more options, select Show Advanced, then do any of the following steps.
    • Premium members: if you enabled meal goals, select % of Day or % of Meal to view the meal's macros as a percentage of the goals for your day or meal. Carb Manager updates the chart near the top of the screen.
    • To automatically log the meal to another day in addition to the current day, select an option from the Repeat list. For details, see Log recurring food automatically.
    • To log the meal to a different day instead of the current day, select a Date.
    • To change the time that will be logged with the meal, which is only available if you turned on the setting to track meal times, enter a Time.
    • To log the meal as individual foods instead of together as a meal, select Show Advanced, then select As Individual Foods as the meal mode.
  8. Select Add to add the meal to the daily log.
  9. Optional: If you are fasting and try to log a meal during a fasting window, select Continue Logging & Keep Fasting or Log food & break my fast now.
    Tip: To change the meal's timestamp to a time within your eating window, select Cancel to return to the meal's detail screen, select Show Advanced, and select a different Date or Time. Then, select Add to log the meal.
  10. Optional: To log another meal, repeat the previous steps.
  11. Select X to close the screen.

The meal and its nutrition summary appear in the daily log.