Log ketones
  • 10 Nov 2021
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Log ketones

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Article summary

If you have a Premium subscription, you can enter ketone measurements for a meal (such as Breakfast), snack, or supplement in the daily log and track those measurements over time.

Tip: To receive the most accurate data about the measurements that you log, set your usual ketone testing method (urine, blood, or breath).
Tip: You can also enter ketones and other measurements in the Health Goals screen. For details, see Add body and health measurements.
Tip: If you have a BIOSENSE® breath ketone monitor, you can automatically add ketone measurements to Carb Manager. For details, see Sync BIOSENSE breath ketones with Carb Manager.
Tip: If you have the Keto Mojo® app, you can automatically add blood glucose and ketone measurements to Carb Manager. For details, see Sync Keto Mojo blood glucose and ketones with Carb Manager.
  1. Web app users: Go to the Home icon Daily Log.
    Tip: The daily log opens to today’s date. To log an item to a different date, select a date from the top of the screen. For more information, see View any day in the daily log.
  2. Select (image of Add button) Add Item(image of Ketones button) Ketones.
    Tip: You can also go to a meal (such as Breakfast) in the daily log and select Options icon OptionsAccount Settings icon Add Ketones Reading.
  3. Change the Time if necessary. (The time defaults to the time on your device.)
  4. Choose a Meal Timing to indicate whether the reading was before a meal, after a meal, or during a period of fasting.
  5. Choose a Ketones Type.
  6. Enter a Ketones Value, and select either mg/dL or mmol/L as the unit of measure.
  7. Select Submit.

The ketone measurement appears in the daily log.

Tip: To track ketones and other measurements over time, go to Goals icon  Goals in the main menu and select Ketones from the list of measurements in the Progress tab. For more information, see View progress and gain insights toward goals.