Set your main diet goals with the Macros Calculator
  • 01 Nov 2023
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Set your main diet goals with the Macros Calculator

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Article summary

The first time you use Carb Manager, you are prompted to set your main health and diet goals in the Getting Started Wizard which establishes your first plan in the Macros Calculator. This article describes how to update your main diet and health goals and other options.

Set your energy (calories or kilojoules) goal, then select your preferred type of diet. Carb Manager uses this information to calculate your daily energy budget and macronutrient (carbs, protein, and fats) goals.

In addition, you can choose to ease into your new diet over a period of time. If you have a Premium subscription, you can set different diet and macro goals for different days of the week, which is known as carb and macros cycling.

Watch: How to set goals with the Macros Calculator

Set your main diet goals

  1. If you haven’t already set up your profile, including your activity level, weight, height, and age, complete the steps in Create your profile.
  2. Go to Settings icon Settings.
  3. In the Goals section, select Macros Calculator icon Macros Calculator.
  4. In the Step 1, My Calorie/Kilojoule Goals section, select Lose Weight, Maintain, or Gain Muscle.
    Tip: To customize your calorie or kilojoule goal, select the dial and move it left or right. To enter a custom number, or to enter a goal less than -35% or more than 35%, select Edit icon Edit next to the number of daily calories or kilojoules, then enter a number for your goal and select Submit.
    Important: It may be difficult for you to reach your goals if you have an overly aggressive calorie or kilojoule deficit. Please consult a doctor or a professional nutritionist if you are uncertain of your goals.
    Tip: To change your weight goal, select Change your goal weight, enter a target weight, and select Submit.
    Tip: If you don’t want to track calories or kilojoules in Carb Manager, you can turn off that setting. See Track energy for details.
  5. In the Step 2, My Macronutrient Goals section, select a Carbs / Protein / Fats Ratio based on your preferred diet, or select Custom from the list and enter your own goals in the Carbs, Protein, and Fat sections.
    Tip: To enter your own custom goals, enter specific grams for each macronutrient.
    Note: You can’t edit the macronutrient goals when the Smart Macros setting is on.
    Tip: If you are a Premium member and you want Carb Manager to automatically adjust your macro goals as your weight changes, turn on the Smart Macros setting. For more information, see Maintain macro goals with Smart Macros. Also, be sure to log your weight as it changes to ensure that Carb Manager provides you with the most accurate information.
    Tip: You can choose whether to track total carbs, net carbs, or diabetes carbs in Carb Manager.
  6. Optional: In the Step 3, Ease Into Diet section, you can choose to have Carb Manager help you ease into your diet and automatically adjust your calories and macros from a maintenance diet to your goal diet over several days. Select Show, turn on Ease Into My Diet, and select a number of days. For more information, see Ease into your diet.
    Note: The Ease Into My Diet setting is not available if you turned on Smart Macros.
  7. Optional: In the Step 4, Carb & Macros Cycling section, if you have Carb Manager Premium, you can set different goals for different days of the week. Select Show > Specific Days, select the days that you want to follow these goals, then select Apply Macros Goals at the bottom of the screen.

    Repeat this step for each set of unique goals that you want to create. For more details on how to set up carb and macro cycling, see Repeat goals on specific days with carb and macros cycling.

    Note: The Carb & Macros Cycling setting is not available if you turned on Smart Macros or Ease Into My Diet.
  8. Optional: To apply these macro goals to past days as well as future days, select Show Advanced, then select Apply to Past & Future Days.
  9. Select the Apply Macros Goals button.
  10. If you selected the option to apply your goals to past and future days, select Apply to confirm that Carb Manager will remove any goals that you may have previously set for the days you selected.

The daily log shows your progress based on the goals you selected.

Tip: For information about viewing progress and tracking goals in Carb Manager, see the following articles.
Tip: To learn how Carb Manager calculates your energy goals (calories or kilojoules) and macro goals, see How Carb Manager calculates energy and macro goals.