Sync wellness data between a Fitbit device and Carb Manager
  • 22 Feb 2021
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Sync wellness data between a Fitbit device and Carb Manager

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If you have a Premium subscription and you connect Carb Manager to your Fitbit account, you can share wellness data between Fitbit and Carb Manager. Carb Manager imports exercise and health data from Fitbit.

Data that is shared

Carb Manager imports the following information from Fitbit.

  • steps
  • activity minutes / active minutes — includes time engaged in any activity above the level of sedentary (greater than or equal to 1.5 METs)
  • daily activity calories/kilojoules burned — includes calories/kilojoules burned from activity above the level of sedentary
  • body fat %
  • weight
  • sleep — includes overall tracked sleep time minus your time spent awake and restless
Note: For more information about data that is imported from a Fitbit device, see Fitbit's documentation:
Note about calorie/kilojoule calculations: The total number of calories/kilojoules burned that is displayed in your Fitbit device will be different from the total that appears in Carb Manager after Carb Manager imports the activity. In Fitbit, calories/kilojoules burned include Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) plus calories/kilojoules burned through activity/active minutes. Because Carb Manager only imports calories/kilojoules burned through activity, Carb Manager subtracts the BMR from the total calories/kilojoules before displaying the results in your daily log.

Carb Manager exports the following information to Fitbit.

  • foods — includes a list of foods you consumed, calories/kilojoules per food, and the total macros for foods in a meal
  • recipes — includes the name of a recipe and the calories/kilojoules and macros for the entire recipe
  • meals — includes the category for which you logged it (such as Breakfast or Snack), a calorie/kilojoule summary, and a macro breakdown for the day

Connect Fitbit to Carb Manager

  1. Ensure the mobile device or computer where you use Carb Manager is connected to the internet.
  2. Sign in to Carb Manager.
  3. Go to Settings icon Settings.
  4. In My Settings, select App Settings icon App Settings.
  5. Optional: If you plan to consistently log exercise, Carb Manager can automatically deduct energy (calories or kilojoules) and macros from your daily totals based on the energy burned from active exercise. In the Macros Settings section, turn on Enable Calories/Kilojoules Burned and, optionally, Enable Macros Burned Deduction. For details, see Deduct energy (calories or kilojoules) and macros when you log exercise.
  6. Go to the Fitness Device Links section and select Fitbit.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to sign in to your Fitbit account and to grant Carb Manager access to your wellness data.

Now, when you view a day in Carb Manager’s daily log, Carb Manager and Fitbit share wellness data if data is present. For details, see Log wellness data from a fitness device or app.

Tip: If you have problems connecting Carb Manager to your Fitbit device, see Troubleshoot issues from a fitness device or app.
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