Sync wellness data from a Samsung device
  • 03 Nov 2021
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Sync wellness data from a Samsung device

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Article Summary

Sync wellness data from a Samsung device

Carb Manager is working with Samsung to enable direct integration with the Samsung Health app. We started the process, but Samsung has paused all new integration partnerships. For Premium members, the workaround continues to be using a third-party app, like Health Sync. The Health Sync costs $3 USD and is a one-time charge.

Connect Samsung data to Carb Manager

If you use Carb Manager on an Android device, complete these steps to share wellness data from your Samsung product with Carb Manager through Google Fit.

Data that is shared

Carb Manager imports the following information from Health Sync and Google Fit.

  • active minutes / move minutes — includes the daily sum of any activity such as yoga, dancing, gardening, household chores, and walking (when walking with Google Fit, you receive one Move Minute every time you take at least 30 steps within 60 seconds)
  • calories/kilojoules burned from activity — includes total calories/kilojoules burned for the day, including BMR, and excludes the following types of activities which are considered inactive:
    • still (not moving)
    • in vehicle
    • tilting (sudden device gravity change)
    • sleeping
    • light sleep
    • deep sleep
    • REM sleep
    • awake (during sleep cycle)
    • elevator
    • unknown (unable to detect activity)
  • weight
  • sleep

Connect Health Sync and Google Fit to Carb Manager

  1. Download the Health Sync, Google Fit, and Samsung Health apps from Google Play.
  2. Configure Health Sync to sync from Samsung Health to Google Fit. For details, see the instructions provided by Health Sync.
  3. Disable direct activity tracking in Google Fit to ensure that Google Fit only syncs your Samsung data. For details, see the instructions provided by Google Fit.
  4. Sign in to Carb Manager.
  5. Go to Settings icon  Settings
  6. In My Settings, select  App Settings.
  7. Optional: If you plan to consistently log exercise, Carb Manager can automatically deduct energy (calories or kilojoules) and macros from your daily totals based on the energy burned from active exercise. In the Macros Settings section, turn on Enable Calories/Kilojoules Burned and, optionally, Enable Macros Burned Deduction. For details, see Deduct energy (calories or kilojoules) and macros when you log exercise.
    Important: If you turned on the option to deduct energy (calories or kilojoules) when you log exercise, be sure the activity level you selected in your profile matches your daily lifestyle and your intention to log activity from a synced fitness device or app. If you previously set a high activity level because you exercise and your daily activity primarily consists of exercise that you intend to log in Carb Manager, then select Sedentary as your activity level to ensure Carb Manager doesn’t count the energy that you burn twice.
  8. Go to the Health & Fitness Device Links section and select Google Fit
  9. Follow the on-screen instructions to sign in to your Google Fit account and to grant Carb Manager access to your wellness data.

Now, when you view a day in Carb Manager daily log, Carb Manager imports wellness data from your Samsung product (through Google Fit and Health Sync) if data is present. For details, see View wellness data from a fitness device or app.

Tip: If you have problems connecting Carb Manager to your Samsung product, see Troubleshoot issues from a fitness device or app.