Sync wellness data using Google's Health Connect
  • 22 Jul 2024
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Sync wellness data using Google's Health Connect

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Article summary

If you have a Premium subscription, you can connect Carb Manager to your Google Fit account using Google's Health Connect service to import wellness data from Google Fit. Carb Manager imports exercise and health data from Google Fit. 

Note: To integrate another third-party device with Google Fit, see the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your device. 

In this article:
Data that is shared
Connect Google's Health Connect to Carb Manager
Connect Google Fit to Google Health Connect

Data that is shared

Carb Manager imports the following information.

  • steps
  • activity minute/move minutes
  • weight
  • Coming soonCalories burned

Connect Google's Health Connect to Carb Manager

  1. Ensure the mobile device is connected to the internet. 
  2. Sign in to Carb Manager
  3. In Carb Manager, go to   Settings icon Settings > App Settings icon App Settings
  4. Next, go to the Health & Fitness Device Links section and select Health Connect
  5. In the Health Connect Screen, select Sync with Health Connect
  6. Next you will select the Allow All > Allow to Allow Carb Manager to access Health Connect. 

Now, when you view a day in Carb Manager's daily log, Carb Manager imports Google Fit wellness data through Google's Health Connect if data is present. For details, see Log wellness data from a fitness device or app

Connect Google Fit to Google's Health Connect

Carb Manager will sync only when Google Fit is selected as the data source for Google's Health Connect. 

  1. In your Android device Settings, navigate to Apps and locate Google's Health Connect app. 
  2. Open the Health Connect app. 
  3. Select App Permissions
  4. Select Google's Fit app. 
  5. Select Set up
  6. Select Allow All
  7. Select Allow and Done
Tip: If you have problems connecting Carb Manager to Google's Health Connect, see Troubleshoot issues from a fitness device or app