Sync your Carb Manager data on all devices
  • 19 Feb 2021
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Sync your Carb Manager data on all devices

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Article summary

Your data and Premium subscription, if you have one, appear on any device when you sign in to Carb Manager using the same registered account. This enables you to use the Carb Manager mobile app on multiple devices and access the web app, at, simultaneously.

Sync your data

  1. If you don’t already have a registered Carb Manager account, create a registered account.
  2. Sign in to Carb Manager with the same registered account on all devices.


If your data or Premium subscription status is not in sync between the Carb Manager mobile app and the web app at, either you are not signed in to the mobile app or you are signed in to two different accounts on the different devices. See the following sections for more details.

Verify your account email address

  1. On each device, go to Settings icon Settings.
  2. In the My Settings section, select Account Settings icon Account Settings.
  3. Compare the email address listed on all devices.
  4. If one email address does not match the other, sign out of the incorrect account, then sign in using the correct email address.
Tip: If you have an extra Carb Manager account, you can delete your account and data.

Verify you are signed into the mobile app

You can use the Carb Manager mobile app anonymously, but you need to sign in to a registered account if you want your data to sync to multiple devices or between the mobile app and web app. Data that you enter in the mobile app while using it anonymously will not appear in your registered account.

For details about signing in to a registered account, see Sign in and out of Carb Manager.

Get more help

If you are still having issues syncing data, contact our customer support team.