View Keto grade foods and recipes
  • 02 May 2023
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View Keto grade foods and recipes

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Article summary

Most foods, recipes, and meals in our database include Keto grades, which can help you to determine if a food fits into a Keto or low carb lifestyle. Keto grades include the following:

  • Friendly (green)
  • Limit (yellow)
  • Strictly Limit (red)
  • Avoid (red)
Note: Keto grades are still in beta. We calculate the grade using a proprietary formula based primarily on the carbohydrates, fiber, sugar, and glycemic load for a single (default) serving of a food or recipe.

When you look for foods, recipes, and meals, the grades appear in the description when you apply any of our low-carb diet types in the Macros Calculator

  • Keto
  • Low Carb
  • High Fat
  • High Protein Keto
  • No carb
  • Low Carb Moderate Fat

This setting is not enabled if you select any of the following diet types in the Macros Calculator.

  • Moderate Carbs Fat
  • Even split
  • Zone
  • High Protein
  • High Carb Low Fat
  • Custom

To enable Keto Grades in your account, complete these steps 

  1. Go to Settings icon Settings.
  2. In Settings select App Settings icon App Settings
  3. In App Settings scroll down to Additional Settings
  4. Toggle ON Enable Keto Grades.

If you believe that the grade for a particular food or recipe is inaccurate, please contact our support team.