You can choose to monitor Net Calories Remaining in the My Daily Log > My Day chart by changing the pie chart Progress Wheel, as shown here. 

The Progress Wheel shows the net carbs remaining in the center and the three macronutrients in rings representing progress towards the overall daily goals. 

To toggle on the Progress Wheel (and begin tracking Net Carbs Remaining), navigate to Settings in your main (left) navigation menu.

Choose the Settings tab, scroll down to Carb Manager App Settings, and toggle the the Show Progress Wheel option to On

In My Daily Log (on the My Day tab), you'll now see that the inner ring shows your net calories consumed and remaining. If you've selected to track calories in Settings > App Settings, you'll see a fourth ring showing calorie progress against that goal. 

The bar will continue to show your net calories consumed as a ratio of your calorie goal.

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