There can sometimes be a small difference between the nutrition totals for foods and meals due to rounding.  

Sometimes, you see something like this:

Food A: 1g
Food B: 1g
Food C: 1g
Total:     2g

We know that 1+1+1 = 3, not 2, so what's going on? In this and other cases like this, Carb Manager is rounding the values to the nearest whole number. So, in this example, the true values might actually be:

Food A: 0.8g
Food B: 0.8g
Food C: 0.8g
Total:     2.4g

As you can see, these sample true values are rounded up and down to appear as they do in the initial example above. It's just simple math.

If you'd like to view decimal places in your goals, and avoid any potential confusion caused by rounding, choose Settings from the main (left) navigation menu.

Then, in the Settings tab, scroll down to Carb Manager App Settings > Additional Settings and toggle on Show Decimal Values.

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