Premium users can create custom shopping lists by selecting Meal Planner in the main (left) navigation menu.

From there, choose the Shopping List tab.

Configure your desired options, which include:

  • Date range. Ingredients from previous meals, meal plans and recipes in the selected date range are then added to the shopping list.
  • # of people shopping for. 
  • Full recipe yields. Tick the box if you'd like to purchase ingredients to make full recipes. If unchecked, we'll scale the ingredients for exactly the number of people that you're shopping for.

Once you're happy with the date range and options, select Generate My Shopping List.

Your shopping list will appear below.

Only items that have been logged or planned on your daily log appear in the shopping list.

To remove ingredients from the Shopping List, select the check mark icon, which moves that item to the bottom of the list and crosses it out (draws a line through it).

To add additional foods to the shopping list, select + Add Extra Items.

When ready, print the list. Crossed-out items will not print. 

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