In this article, you'll learn how to navigate the platform and to find any feature that you'd like to use.

The core components of the dashboard are:

  • My Daily Log
  • Main (Left) Navigation Menu
  • Tabs

Understand these three items, and you're halfway to being a Carb Manager pro already!

My Daily Log

When you first log in to either the mobile app or the web app, you'll be looking at My Daily Log.  

This is your "home page" and main dashboard where you can get a quick overview of your meals, nutrition, and progress.

Here, you'll find a quick overview of your daily nutrition, an in depth analysis of your weekly nutrition,  and shortcuts to access frequently used features like logging food, water, steps, glucose/ketone readings (Premium users), and more.

See this article for a more detailed exploration of My Daily Log

Main (Left) Navigation Menu

The main (left) navigation menu, is your portal to finding anything and everything you might need within the app. Looking for something specific? Start here!

When using a mobile device, you can open the main (left) navigation menu from anywhere in the app by tapping the menu button (in the upper left hand corner of your screen).

Note: The menu is typically always displayed when viewing the Carb Manager web app.

From the main navigation menu, you can access every main section of Carb Manager, including Foods, Exercise, Community, Analysis, Account Settings, and more.

We'll return to each of these items in a moment.


In each specific section of the dashboard, you'll find a grouping of tabs that allow you to navigate within that section. The tabs are always found at the top of the section.

So for example, if you're in the Foods section, you'll see tabs that looks like this, and includes sub-sections and functions like Search, Quick Find, My Foods, Advisor, Recipes & Meal Plans, and more. Drag the menu left and right to see all options available, if necessary.

Now that we've explored the core components, let's briefly look at the various "action buttons" that you'll find in the platform. 

Action Buttons

  • Plus (+) button 
  • Menu button
  • More Options (⋮) button
  • Microphone button 

Plus (+) Button

The plus (+) button is always used to enter data. For example, if you tap this button in the Find Foods section, you'll see options to enter a custom food, a recipe, a meal, or a meal plan.

Similarly, if you tap the plus (+) button in the Exercise section, you'll find options for entering custom cardio and custom weights.

Menu Button

On mobile devices, this button is your shortcut back to the main navigation (left) menu. It typically doesn't appear on non-mobile devices, where the main navigation menu is always displayed. 

More Options (⋮) Button

The More Options (⋮) button opens any additional options that are available. The exact options vary depending on where you find this button in the application.

For example, if you select the More Options (⋮) button next to a specific food item in My Daily Log, you'll find options to view, edit, copy, or delete the food item.

Microphone Button 

This button, which is only seen on mobile devices, allows you to utilize "voice entry" to add foods, exercise, and other metrics. The example below shows the microphone button in My Daily Log.

Now let's briefly explore each main section of the platform, all of which you'll find in the main navigation (left) menu.

Main Sections

  • My Daily Log
  • Foods
  • Exercise
  • My Measurements
  • My Nutrition & Wellness
  • Community
  • Analysis
  • KetoGenius Diet Plan
  • Recipes & Meal Plans
  • Meal Planner
  • Reports
  • Settings
  • Getting Started
  • Learn About Keto

My Daily Log

Already covered above, and in more depth here.


The Food section is where you log what you're eating. 

The core function is to let you look up specific foods in our extensive database, and then log those foods against your daily macros in just a couple of steps. So typically there's no need to enter macros manually.

Search for foods by name, access frequently eaten foods quickly, create "favorites", scan by barcode, create recipes and meals, access a huge list of pre-set meals (premium users), and much more. 

Learn more about logging foods here.


Physical activity is just as important to achieving your fitness goals as the food that you eat! 

The Exercise section is where you log your exercise and activity.

You'll find dedicated sections for cardio and weights, and a search function for just about any other activity that you can think of. Create custom exercises on the off chance that you're doing something that's not in our extensive database.

Just find the activity, enter a couple of details, and we'll automatically calculate calories burned and other stats using your personal account information.

Learn more about logging exercise here.

My Measurements

The My Measurements section allows you to track and chart various health metrics including your weight, BMI, insulin, glucose, ketones, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. against your goals. 

Choose from an extensive list of measurements to track.

You can visualize those measurements, over time, against the goals that you've configured.

Learn more about logging and analyzing measurements here.

My Nutrition & Wellness

The My Nutrition & Wellness section is your all-in-one dashboard for visualizing your nutrition, macros, exercise, fasting, hydration and sleep intake data versus your goals (if any are set).

We encourage you to review your nutrition and wellness analytics at least once a week to measure your progress!

Learn more about analyzing your results here.


The application includes a built-in social network and support forum where you can connect with thousands of other active Carb Manager users who share your health and fitness goals!

Users who get involved in the community are at least three times more likely to stick with Keto or other low carb lifestyles and attain their fitness goals.

Our community section offers a Carb Manager Challenge which starts every Monday, a variety of interest focused groups, and an active forum where you can ask questions, brag about your progress, and chat about all thing low carb.

Learn more about the Carb Manager community here.


Premium users get access to our advanced Analysis section. This feature allows you to analyze meals, monitor streaks, compare or correlate nutrition and other goals, view benchmarks for your age and gender, and view weight change projections.

If you love data, you'll love "nerding out" on the intuitive charts and graphs that show how far you've come, and predict where you'll be in the future.

Learn more about our advanced Analysis section here.

KetoGenius Diet Plan

Premium members can find our premium quick start guide in the KetoGenius Diet Plan section. This diet plan was carefully designed and written by nutritionists and industry experts to give you all the information and motivation you need to get started on your Keto or low carb diet. 

While it's still, of course, up to you to take action and follow the steps, the KetoGenius diet plan is the closest thing that we offer to a "roadmap for success" in meeting your goals.

Learn more about our KetoGenius e-book here.

Recipes & Meal Plans

Think that Keto and low carb are restrictive diets? We're here to prove you wrong :-)

In this section, you'll find enough delicious recipes that you'd probably never have to eat the same thing twice. 

And, of course, you can easily add each recipe to your food log.

Meal plans let you "hit the easy button", offering an entire week's worth of recipes designed and scaled to fit your exact personal health goals. Add an entire week's worth of meals to your food log, and receive a tailored shopping list to help you put the meal plan into practice.

It doesn't get any easier than this!

Learn more about recipes and meal plans here.

Meal Planner

Premium users can generate custom meal plans according to their exact preferences from the Meal Planner section.

Enter preferred meal components, special diets, and food intolerances (Gluten free, anyone?). Choose to include/exclude specific ingredients. Then generate a customized meal plan (with shopping list) which you can easily add to your food log.

Learn more about our custom meal planner here.


Generate printable and shareable reports, in PDF format, using the Reports section. These reports map out your progress and projections, and are great for sharing with an accountability partner or fitness coach!

Learn more about creating reports here.


You can customize your Carb Manager account to your heart's content! 

In the Settings section, you can modify macros and goals, switch from net carbs to total carbs, toggle from US to metric, change units, connect with fitness devices, enable fasting options, and much more.

Looking to do something special or customize your account? You'll probably find a setting for it here.

Getting Started

You probably stepped through this wizard when you first signed up and logged into the app. If not, we highly recommend that you do so now!

This wizard walks you through your basic account setup, adding your starting stats, setting your initial goals, and so on.

If you decide that you'd like to change these basic settings down the road, you can navigate back to the Getting Started section any time you like. 

Click here for a full walkthrough of our "Getting Started" wizard.

Learn About Keto

New to Keto? This section makes it simple. Start with our "Keto for Total Beginners" article, then get all of your questions answered with articles like these:

  • What are macros?
  • How do you get enough fat in your diet?
  • How much protein should you eat?
  • Drinking alcohol on Keto
  • ...and lots more

You'll be a Keto expert in no time!

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