On mobile devices, the microphone button allows you to dictate your foods from My Daily Log and automatically add them to a meal.

To use this feature, tap the microphone button.

If prompted by your mobile device, choose to Allow permissions for microphone and voice recognition access. 

Carb Manager will then start listening.

Say what you ate for your meal using regular, everyday language.

For example, you might say: "For lunch, I ate 6 ounces of salmon and a salad." 

When finished, select Done Speaking.

Note: If you do not specify a meal, the app will guess based on the time of day. 

Review and revise the transcript of your entry, and tap Submit when finished. The app will then add those items to My Daily Log.

If any items are incorrect, delete or edit them in your log using the More Options (⋮) button to the right of each entry.

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