Access the exercise finder by tapping the left menu and selecting Exercise from the main (left) navigation menu or by selecting the button at the right of the Exercise section in your Daily Log view and selecting + Add Exercise

At the top banner you'll see a number of ways to select or create exercises to log: Cardio, Weights, Quick Find, My Exercises, Say, and Quick Entry.

The My Exercises tab is covered in My Exercises: Create and Log Custom Exercises. 

Searching Cardio 

Type in words or letters to bring up exercise choices. Activities in the Carb Manager database are extensive and range from typical exercises like jogging and aerobics to animal care and woodworking.

Logging Cardio

To log your cardio activity:

  1. Select an activity.
  2. Type in the number of Minutes Exercised.
  3. Optionally, add it to your favorites.
  4. Select Add To Log and it will immediately copy to the day you're currently viewing.

Searching Weights

The weights finder is arranged first by choosing Muscles or Equipment at the top, and then by categories of Muscles or Equipment below. You can browse the categories or use the Search function to find a particular activity to log.

Logging Weights

To log your weight exercise, select a Weights exercise. 

The example below shows Crunches. The Details tab has a drop-down menu to choose Male or Female, and provides a video as well as information and instructions on the particular exercise.

The following additional information is shown: 

  • The Video tab shows the video without instructions.
  • The Log tab provides a place to input the Reps and Time (there's a stopwatch timer available). Optionally you can add both a Weight (if applicable) and Notes. When you tap the green bar to log it, you'll see the data (Total Weight, Average Weight, Total Reps, Average Reps, and Total Sets) for the logged Set below.
  • The History tab shows entries over time.
  • The Stats tab charts the weight, reps or sets over time.

Quick Find

The Quick Find tab allows you to quickly find exercises that are your Favorites, Recently Viewed, or logged Frequently. The exercise listings are ordered intelligently, and are also searchable.

The Frequent category shows a blue oval containing the number of times you've logged that exercise. 

To delete from any category, select the button next to and item and and select Delete.

Voice Logging

To quickly log exercises from the Daily Log view, select the button next to exercises in the table.

Select Voice Log from the list of choices. When prompted, start saying your workouts for the day.

Review the transcript, then select Submit to add them to your log.


This feature allows you to use everyday, natural language to log exercise. Simply type your workouts. For example:

I ran 3 miles and did 20 minutes of yoga. 

Select Submit and matching exercises will appear in the list. Select them to log them.

Quick Entry

If you want to quickly log the number of calories burned in a workout, number of steps, or minutes exercised, select the Quick Entry button and enter values in the form.

Select OK and it will be added to your exercises for the current day in the Daily Log.

Use this link to learn more about Using The Daily Log.

To learn more about custom exercises using the tab My Exercises, see My Exercises: Create and Log Custom Exercises.

Premium members can also sync exercise activities by connecting a fitness device.

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