Custom recipes let you save a multi-ingredient food as a favorite so that you can add it to your food log quickly. Your grandma's famous Keto quiche recipe might not be in our food database, but that doesn't mean you can't log it!

To create a custom recipe, start in the main (left) navigation menu, and select Foods.

Select the + New button in the top right corner.

And choose Recipe.

In the Recipe Editor screen, give your recipe a name, enter the number of servings that the recipe yields (units can vary as servings, cups, etc.), and add prep and cook times etc.

Optionally, add an icon or a photo.

To help organize your recipe collection, select an existing folder, or add a new one by tapping the blue + button. 

Choose whether or not to publish your recipe to the Carb Manager community.

Next, add the recipe's ingredients. Scroll down to the Ingredients section, and select the Plus (+) button.

Here you can use all the standard Food Finder tools, including Search, to find ingredients.

To add an ingredient, select it and specify a quantity and unit size, then select Add.

To edit, remove, or view an ingredient, select the More Options (⋮) button next to any food in the ingredients list, and select the appropriate option.

Next, you can add some recipe instructions. Scroll down to the instructions section and enter your recipe steps.

When you're done creating the recipe, select Save

It will now appear in your list of recipes at Foods > My Foods > Recipes.

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