Creating custom meals simplifies logging by allowing you to group foods together rather than choosing the individual foods for meals that you eat frequently. For example, if you often eat eggs and bacon for breakfast, you can create a meal with those two ingredients, give it an obvious name, and save it to My Foods.

To create a custom meal, navigate to Foods in the main (left) navigation menu.

Select the Plus (+) button in the top right corner, and select Meal.

Fill in a name and the number of servings that the meal yields (units can vary as servings, cups, etc.). We recommend making custom meals "1 serving", as each meal is meant to represent a set of items that you'd typically eat in one sitting as a meal. 

Optionally, add a weight for the single serving.

You can also choose to add an icon or a photo. 

To help organize your meal collection, select an existing folder, or add a new one by tapping the blue Plus (+) button. 

Next, scroll down, and add Foods to the meal by tapping the Plus (+) button, which will open the standard Find Food screen.

When you're finished adding foods, select the Save button at the top right.

You'll then find your meal under My Foods > Meals, where you can add it your log.

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