As a Premium user, you have three options for creating meal plans: generating a custom meal plan, using our exclusive curated meal plans, or creating your own meal plans.

Generating a Custom Meal Plan

To have Carb Manager generate a meal plan, go to Meal Planner in the main (left) navigation menu.

Then, select the Generator tab.

Under the "Generate a 7-Day Meal Plan For Your Macros" heading, you have several options for customizing your meal choices:

Note: More restrictions or parameters chosen here will result in fewer meal choices

Meal Plan Generator Mode: Pick Meals for Me vs Let Me Pick Meals. The first option creates a meal plan using the most popular meals that meet the other parameters selected. The second option lets you choose from a list of meals that meet your parameters.

Lunch Preference: select Salad, Soup, or Main Course

Special Diet: select from the list if you have a special diet

Food Intolerances: select from the list of intolerances, if applicable

Quick & Easy Recipes Only: Only recipes tagged as "Quick & Easy" will be included in your meal plan

Exclude Ingredients: Add ingredients to exclude from all meals, and be sure to select the black arrow after each entry

Go ahead and configure each option now according to your meal plan preference.

Scroll down and click Generate My Meal Plan when you've finished choosing your meal options and parameters.

If you selected the Let Me Pick Meals option, you'll then have the opportunity to select meals from a list of recommended meals that meet your parameters. 

Choose up to 7 dishes for each meal. Just tap to select the dishes in each screen to add them to your meal plan. Tap Next when finished selecting meals in each screen.

If you chose Pick Meals for Me, or you chose Let Me Pick My Meals and have now finished your meal selections, you'll now see the Meal Plan Editor.

Here you can give your meal plan a custom name, add it to a folder, tap the Plus (+) button to add additional foods to any given day, or tap the More Options (⋮) button to edit or delete any individual food or meal. 

Click Save to save your chosen options.

Using Curated Meal Plans

Curated meal plans are another Premium option. To browse our curated meal plans, select Foods from the main (left) navigation menu.

Then, choose the Recipes & Meal Plans tab and the Meal Plans sub-tab. 

You'll find a number of different types of custom curated, 7-day meal plans including Keto, low carb, asian, vegetarian, etc. when scrolling down the list.

Tap any meal plan to select it. 

Regardless of whether you've used the meal plan generator or the curated meal plans option, you'll then have the opportunity to apply your meal plan to My Daily Log.

Select Apply Plan Starting Today to go ahead and add the meal plan to your log starting with today. Use the arrows to select another day with which to start your meal plan.

You'll then find the selected meals shown greyed out in My Daily Log.

Log any of the foods by clicking the More Options (⋮) button and selecting Log Item. If you don't eat an item, you can choose to leave it or delete it through the same menu.

If you make mistakes in your plan or change your mind and want to remove your meal plan, go to Meal Planner and select Delete All Planned Meals at the bottom of the page. 

Creating your own meal plans

Under My Foods, a meal plan allows you to create a list of foods, sorted by day and meal, for future logging. 

Go to My Foods > Meal plans tab, then select the add button. Give the meal plan a name and optionally a description and folder.

Next, start adding foods to the meal plan. If you're feeling ambitious, you can create meals plans for as many as 30 days in each plan!

First, select the day from the drop down, and then the meal, e.g., Breakfast.

Next, use the standard Foods-finding tools to add individual foods, recipes, or meals to each day, and each meal.

When you’re done, select Save and the meal plan will pop up. You’ll see the foods you’ve added and the option to add the foods to your daily logs starting on a particular date.

You can optionally have the meal plan scale to your current macros goals.

Finally, select a date and press the green bar, Apply Plan Starting Today

Please note: that adding a meal plan won’t log the foods, they’re only planned and appear grayed out on your daily logs.

When you consume the food, you log it by tapping the food’s menu and selecting Log Item. You can also use the menu to delete, view, copy or edit the item.

If you want to remove the entire meal plan from your logs, go to Meal Planner from the left menu, and the first tab displays the current plan. At the bottom of the page, you have the option to Delete All Meal Plans. You also have an option to Print your meal plan calendar.

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