The My Nutrition & Wellness section contains various charts that offer a visual representation of your Nutrition, Macros, Exercise, Fasting, Hydration and Sleep intake compared to your goals (if they are set). All items that you’re logging can be tracked. However, four macronutrients are available for Premium members only: Saturated Fats, Monounsaturated Fats, Polyunsaturated Fats, and Calories Burned.

For more information on setting goals, see Setting Nutrition, Weight and Measurements Goals.

The example below shows Net Carbs over a 7 day period:

  1. Select My Nutrition & Wellness from the main (left) navigation menu.
  2. Select the Nutrition tab.

For each nutrient for which you've set a goal, a chart can be viewed for the time period of interest. The gray bars form a line, dividing the chart into regions above and below the "goal line.” 

Note: For some charts, the style can be toggled from a bar chart to a line chart by selecting the line or bar button to the right of the chart.

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