Our Analysis engine is the most advanced feature in the Carb Manager platform for visualizing your progress and predicting your future results.

Premium users can use the Analysis feature to:

  • analyze meals
  • monitor streaks
  • compare or correlate nutrition and other goals
  • view benchmarks for your age and gender 
  • view weight change projections

To access the Analysis feature, select Analysis from the main (left) navigation menu. 

  • Meals tab

Dive deep into your eating patterns and habits. Select a nutrient, pick a date range, and view average values, percentages, or totals by meal. Learn more about Meals analysis.

  • Streaks tab

Keep track of how many days you've maintained your goals for the major macros, as well as calories and cholesterol. Learn more about Streaks here

  • Compare tab

Gain a deeper understanding of your own body and health by graphing two separate health metrics together, allowing you to draw conclusions about how changes in one metric affects the other metric. Learn more about the Compare tool here.

  • Correlate tab

Similar to the Compare tab, analyze two separate metrics at once to correlate nutrition, sleep, hydration, and exercise with your rapid-check health markers, such as blood glucose and blood pressure. Learn more about the Correlate tool here.

  • Benchmarks tab

Compare your key diet values against US averages for your age and gender. Learn more about benchmarking your diet values here.

  • Projections tab

Trying to lose weight for a specific event like a wedding or the start of summer? The Projections tab projects your weight change by date into the future, using your calculated metabolic rate and your Net Calories goal, with the assumption that you meet your goal each day. Learn more about our Projections tool here.

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