Setting goals for macros, weight, and other health metrics, and then tracking your progress toward those goals, is the core function of Carb Manager. 

In this article, we'll teach you how to set goals, choose your macros, and track your progress like a low carb expert.

Setting Goals

The most important goals for most customers are the "Macros" goals. To configure your macros goals, go to Settings > Macros. Most users should simply choose a specific diet to follow; the macros goals will then be calculated automatically.

Advanced users can use the slider to adjust macros to specific levels. 

Not sure which diet to choose in setting your macros? Check out this article for a breakdown

You can also choose to set calorie goals, health goals (like weight, cholesterol, and water intake), exercise goals, goals for each meal, and more

Logging Activities 

To track progress toward your goals, it's crucial to log your data in the app. Most importantly, log every meal and every bit of food that you eat

The quickest way to log food is to select the plus (+) button in the My Daily Log, then search for foods to log from there. 

Here's how to log other common metrics:

For information on logging additional metrics, search the Support Center for the metric that you're interested in.

Tracking Goal Progress

It's important to track your progress toward goals in order to make smart diet, food, and health decisions on a daily basis.

To see where you're at for your daily macros (macros consumed and macros still available for the day), visit My Daily Log.

Track weekly macros on the In Depth tab of My Daily Log.

Review advanced analysis of your goal progress and health trends by visiting My Measurements or My Nutrition & Wellness from the main (left) navigation menu. (Learn to use these sections to their fullest in the Monitoring & Analysis articles collection).

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