By default, when setting up your macros, we set a net calories goal (calories consumed minus calories burned) but not a total calories goal (calories consumed).

In this article, we'll show you how to set a total calories goal, and to change the progress bar in My Daily Log to display total calories instead of net calories. 

Set a Total Calories Goal

Select Settings from your main (left) navigation menu, then select the Diet Goals tab. 

From there, you'll see goal options for both calories and net calories. Net calories should already be configured. Leave it as is.

Set a total calories goal under Calories

Note: If you don't see the Calories goal, please turn off Smart Macros to enable it.

Toggle the Progress Bar from Net Calories to Total Calories

Still in the main Settings section, select the Settings tab.

Locate the Deduct calories when I exercise setting, and set it to Off

The calories progress bar in My Daily Log will then display total calories instead of net calories.

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