If you're pressed for time or just want to get started as fast as possible, these steps will get you rolling.

Step 1: Choose Your Daily Macros Goal (carbs/protein/fat)

This is where you choose how many carbs, proteins, and fats you want to eat each day. The easiest way to do this is by stepping through the Getting Started Wizard, where we guide you through making the best choice for your body and diet goals. You probably already went through it when you first signed up. If you skipped it, you can access it by following these steps.

Need to make changes to your macros? Follow these steps.

Step 2: Learn to Use "My Daily Log"

My Daily Log is your "home page" within the Carb Manager app. My Daily Log shows how many grams of carbs/protein/fats you've eaten each day, and how many you have left to eat (in other words, your daily status). From My Daily Log, you can also log any food that you eat, log exercise, and more. Click here for a super quick tour of the Daily Log.

Step 3: Log Food

If you want to know how many carbs (as well as proteins, fats, etc.) you've eaten each day, you need to log all of the food that you eat into the app. We've made logging food crazy simple. Most people look up food using the search function. But there's an even easier way. Using advanced image recognition technology, you can now just take a picture of the food that you're eating to look it up and log it.  

Step 4: Set Any Other Goals

Most customers just set a goal for their carbs/proteins/fats (macros) using the Getting Started Wizard and call it a day. Many others also like to set a goal for daily calories. Here's how to do it. Want to get fancy and set goals for weight, BMI, specific nutrients, exercise, etc? Check out the Setting Goals section of the Support Center. 

Step 5: Create an Account

We actually don't require an account in order to use the app. But when you do create an account, your data is saved to our servers (in case you ever accidentally delete it or lose your mobile device). An account also allows you to access your data across multiple devices (for example, if you have an iPad) or on the web version of our app (at CarbManager.com). Click here to learn how to create an account.

Step 6: Understand the Keto Diet

Our app supports any diet where you'd want to track carbs. Not just Keto. But most of our users are following the Keto diet. If you're doing Keto, and you're new to it, select Learn About Keto from the app's main (left) navigation menu.


Ok, we're sure that you're eager to get started! If you'd like to learn more about our app, learn how to improve your chances for diet success, or explore advanced features, check out the rest of our Getting Started guides, or browse our extensive Support Center.

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