Premium Carb Manager users can set different diet and macros goals for different days. 

This is most commonly used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts for "carb cycling", and for regular users in planning "cheat days" without getting out of control.

To set up different goals for different days, select Settings in the main (left) navigation menu.

Select the Diet Goals tab. 

Then, choose the day for which you'd like to configure goals. This selection is made using the drop-down that is labeled Everyday by default, but displays each day of the week when selected. 

Once you specify the day, scroll down and configure your goals for this day. In the screenshot below, we're configuring diet goals specifically for Mondays.

Optionally, use the Advanced drop-down to decide whether these goals will apply only to future days, or whether they should be applied to past days data as well.

Once you've configured your first day's goals, select another day from the drop-down to configure daily diet goals for that day.

Carb Cycling can also be configured from the Macros tab (Settings > Macros).

Below the sliders, use the Everyday drop-down to specify which days of the week your goals affect. By default, each day is updated (the Everyday option), but you can select specific days, as necessary.

From the Advanced drop-down, you can optionally specify whether these updated goals affect both past and future dates, or only future dates (including the current date). By default, only today and future dates (Apply to Future Days) is selected. 

This option is useful if you want to keep a log of your past progress relative to your past goals, and not your current/future ones.

Once you have finished making all of your goal changes, select Apply to save the changes.

Note: If you are setting individual goals for different days (via the Everyday option), select Apply after you set goals for one day, then select another day, set different goals, and select Apply again. Repeat this process for each day.

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