My Daily Log is your Carb Manager "home page" where you'll spend most of your time when using the app. 

On mobile devices, this screen appears as shown below, with the My Day tab selected.

On the web app, the screen appears as shown below, with the My Day tab selected and the My Daily Log option (highlighted below) also appearing on the main (left) navigation menu.

What is Shown?

My Daily Log shows you, at a glance, how many of each macro (carbs, proteins, and fats) you've already eaten each day, and how many you can still eat for the day to hit your goals.

You'll find similar daily progress data for total calories and a few other metrics.

My Daily Log is also where you'll find shortcuts to log food, exercise, and most other common metrics.

Quick Tour

My Daily Log is divided into several main parts, each of which is described below.

Date Selector

At the top of the screen, you'll find controls to change the date. Select the arrows to move back and forward one day at a time, or select the date that appears between the arrows (for example, Today or Fri Feb 1) to open a calendar and choose another date from a calendar.

The My Day Tab - Overview and Chart 

By default, the My Day tab is selected when you first access My Daily Log.

This tab shows a quick overview of your daily nutrition, including values for key nutrients, progress toward calories, fiber, and macros goals (learn more about setting goals here), as well as a pie chart showing the daily ratios for the three macronutrients (carbs, fat, and protein). This chart shows either net carbs, total carbs, or diabetes carbs for the carbs slice; you can select which carb goal to track by going to Settings > App Settings.

Alternatively, you can change the chart to a Progress Wheel (shown below) by following these steps.

The My Day Tab - Food & Meals

On the My Day tab, you'll find any food, meals, or supplements that you've logged for the day toward the bottom half of the screen. Each entry includes detailed nutritional information.

You can use the button next to each meal header to access meal-specific options.

These options include: 

  • Add Foods. Opens the food finder for the meal you've selected.
  • Add Glucose Reading and Add Ketones Reading. (Premium only) Displays a clock to select a time, and options to select whether the reading was before or after the meal or during fasting. Once added, the reading appears below the meal's food entries. 
  • Add Insulin. (Premium only) Specify an insulin reading that corresponds to the meal. Once added, it will appear at the bottom of the meal's food entries.  
  • Add Note. Add a comment about the meal. Once added, it will appear at the bottom of the meal's food entry.
  • Voice Log. (mobile only) Dictate the foods you ate for the selected meal.
  • Details. (Premium only) Shows detailed nutritional information for the selected meal.
  • Copy To. Copy the entire meal to another meal / day.
  • Delete All. Removes all food from the selected meal
  • Create Meal (Premium only) and Create Recipe. Allows you to pre-populate a meal or recipe with the selected meal's foods.

You can use the button next to a specific meal entry to edit that entry.

These options include: 

  • View. See the entry's details, including nutritional details and other information (such as a picture, ingredients, recipe steps, and even other users' comments, as applicable). You can also just select the name of the meal to view the same information. 
  • Edit. Change the entry's details.
  • Copy To. Copy this entry to another meal / day.
  • Delete.  Remove the selected entry from the meal. 

The My Day Tab - Exercises

Below the meal list on the My Day tab, you'll find a list of your exercises for the day.

Similar to individual meal headers, you can use the button to access exercise-specific options. Add Exercise opens the exercise finder. The other listed options are described above (in the The My Day Tab - Food & Meals section).

Note: Readings or insulin added here is the same as with meals (described above), except that the entry appears at the bottom of your exercise list. 

You can also use the button adjacent to an exercise entry to access additional options including viewing, editing, copying, or deleting the specific exercise as with meals (described above).

The My Day Tab - Adding Notes

You can use the My Notes section to add comments about your day. 

The My Day Tab - Completing Your Logging

When you are done entering all of your information for the current day, you can select I'm Done Logging Today to see how you meeting your goals. Don't worry, you can log more food after selecting this option - just in case you forgot something. 

The My Day Tab - Premium Recipes

Premium members have access to recipes from the My Day tab. You can sort the recipes by either Newest or Trending. Selecting an individual recipe displays information about that recipe, and allows you to easily log it to a specific day and meal. 

The My Day Tab - Entry Options

Several options are available at the bottom of the My Day tab, which allow you to use the current day's information in a variety of ways, as described below. 

You can:

  • Print the current day's information
  • Share the current day's information via email
  • Copy the current day's information to a different day
  • Delete the current day's information

The In Depth Tab 

The In Depth tab shows you a weekly breakdown of your macros and some additional analysis. Click here for more information.

The Water Tab 

The Water tab is where you can log daily water intake by glass once a goal is set under Settings > Health Goals

Once you've set a water goal, you can monitor and track daily progress on this tab, and find more in-depth hydration analytics in the My Nutrition & Wellness section

Tip: You can also add water intake within meals and snacks using the food finder. However, water tracked in this manner cannot be separately analyzed.

The Steps Tab 

The Steps tab is where you can view your amount of "steps" exercise activity for the week.

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