Several navigation options are always present, no matter which part of My Daily Log you are viewing. These options are allow you to either access other parts of the app or easily add food using various methods (voice dictation, barcodes, etc.). Each option is highlighted and described below. 

The options include (highlighted from top left to bottom right):

  • Menu button. Available throughout the app, and provides access to other sections.
  • Microphone button (mobile only). Opens the voice logging control, which will allow you to quickly add foods to your log using voice dictation. 
  • Plus (+) button. Opens the food finder, allowing you to use various tools to find and log foods. Although this button is available in other sections, it provides context-specific options.
  • Lightning (Quick Access) button. Allows you to perform the following actions from anywhere in My Daily Log: search for good, scan a barcode, log an exercise, or enter your current weight. 
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