So you've set goals and you've been logging your food and measurements. The next step is to track and monitor your goal progress and see how far you've come!

There are 7 types of goals that you can set in the Carb Manager app:

Here's how to track and monitor each of these goal types.

Major macros (Carbs, Fats, Protein)

Daily goals for macros can be tracked in the My Day tab of My Daily Log. You can see how many of each macro you've already consumed for the day, as compared to your goal amount for the day, in the progress bars at the top of the My Day tab.

Weekly goals for macros can be tracked in the In Depth tab of My Daily Log. Monitor macros intake across each day of the past week under the My Week heading. 

Toggle between the Carbs, Fats, and Proteins by selecting your desired macro from the drop down.

Scroll down a bit in that same screen, and you'll find the My Macros pie chart. Here you can compare your weekly macros ratio goal against your actual macros ratio intake by toggling between Goal and Actuals in the drop down.

Finally, you can monitor additional macros data in My Nutrition & Wellness. Choose My Nutrition & Wellness from the main (left) navigation menu.

Then, select the Macros tab. Here, you can view your % of Calories, Ratio vs Goal, Ratio over Time, and Grams over Time. Use the drop down on the right to toggle between these charts. 

Within each chart, each macro corresponds to a distinct color.

Red = Fat
Blue = Protein
Green = Carbs

Use the drop down on the left to set the chart's time period.


Similar to the major macros, calories can also be tracked and monitored in the My Day and In Depth tabs of My Daily Log, as well as in My Nutrition & Wellness

Check to see how many calories you can still consume for the day while staying under your calories goal by using the progress bar in the My Day tab of My Daily Log.

In the In Depth tab, analyze weekly caloric goal progress in the say way as the major macros (described above).

In My Nutrition & Wellness, choose the Nutrition tab.

Then, choose Calories from the drop down on the left.

The calorie goal is shown in light grey, with actual calorie consumption shown in dark grey.

Other Macros (Net carbs, Net calories, Fiber, Sugar, etc)

Goals for other macros can be monitored from My Nutrition & Wellness

Select the Nutrition tab, then choose the macro you'd like to monitor from the drop down.

"Other" macros available include fiber, sugar, various sub-types of fat, and more.

Then, as with calories (described above), the goal will be shown in light grey, with actual consumption shown in dark grey.

Meal Goals

If you've set a net carb goal for each meal (a Meal Goal), you can look back and analyze how closely you adhered to your goal for each meal in My Daily Log

The number of net carbs consumed versus the goal (or limit) for each meal is shown in a progress bar below the meal name.

Health Goals

Progress toward most health goals - such as weight, cholesterol, or water - can be tracked in My Measurements.

First, select My Measurements from the main (left) navigation menu. 

Select the appropriate tab and then, if needed, select your goal metric from the drop down. You'll then be able to view a graph showing your progress toward the goal over time. 

We usually think of fasting goals as being in the "health goals" category, but fasting is tracked a little differently from the other health goals. To track progress toward fasting goals, navigate to My Nutrition & Wellness, and select the Fasting tab. 

Then, toggle between graphs for Fasting Time and Eating Window by selecting the desired metric from the drop down. Data will then be displayed on the bar graph below.

Micronutrient Goals

These are tracked exactly like the "Other" macros goals, described above. Navigate to My Nutrition & Wellness, choose the Nutrition tab, click the drop down, scroll down past the macros, and select a micronutrient to graph and analyze.

Exercise Goals

Exercise goal progress can be viewed in My Daily Log and in My Nutrition & Wellness

In My Daily Log, you can analyze your steps by selecting the Steps tab. The goal amount is shown by the grey bars. Actual steps are shown in pink.

In My Nutrition & Wellness, the Calories Burned metric can be viewed just like the macronutrient and micronutrient metrics described above. 

Navigate to My Nutrition & Wellness, select the Nutrition tab, then choose Calories Burned from the drop down menu.

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