Once you've downloaded the app, entered your profile information, and chosen your macros goals, the next step toward better health is to get into the habit of logging every bit of food that you eat. 

How to Log Food

Step One: Select the Date, and Tap the Plus (+) button in My Daily Log

Start in My Daily Log, and select the date for which you'd like to log food. Then, tap the Plus (+) button. This will begin the process of adding a food log entry. 

Step Two: Find the food that you'd like to log

Carb Manager contains an extensive database of just about every food in existence. 

There are several methods for finding foods to log, including the search function, using your "favorites" list, the microphone feature, and even just taking a picture of your food. 

You'll find more information about finding foods to log in this article.

Step Three: Edit the portion size and units

Once you've found a food, the next step is to edit the portion size and units. 

Use the left and middle columns to choose the quantity. If you're eating less than a whole portion of the food, choose --

In the right column, choose the units. In the example of an avocado, below, units include slices, cups/cut pieces, cups,mashed, tablespoons, and more. Every food will include units appropriate to that food.

So for example, you could log 1/2 cup of avocado by:

  1. Selecting the - (minus) sign, changing the number 1 to 0.
  2. Selecting the first small black arrow, and selecting 1/2.
  3. Selecting the next small black arrow, and selecting cup.

Step Four: Select the meal to log

Decide whether this food should be logged for breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack, or as a supplement by selecting the appropriate option as shown.

Step Five: (Optional) Decide whether to log this food every day

If you're just logging this food one time, you can skip this step. But if you plan to eat this same food for the same meal every day, you can create a recurring food log entry by selecting Add Every Day from the drop down. 

Step Six: Select "Add Today"

Finally, when you're ready to go ahead and add the entry to My Daily Log, select Add Today (the Add button will reflect the day/date that you selected on the log at the beginning of this article).

Your food log entry will then be added to My Daily Log for the day/date chosen, and the nutritional information will be shown in the pie chart and bar charts, and My Meals.

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