Carb Manager contains an extensive database of foods and nutritional data. Our database has nutritional data for name brands, produce, foreign and exotic foods, supplements, and more.

If you're eating it, there's a 99% chance that you'll find it in our database. 

To search for a food to log, start in My Daily Log

From here, you have 3 choices to access search tools that help you find foods to add to a meal or snack:

  1. Select the Plus (+) button in the top right corner to go to Find Foods.
  2. Select the button at the right of a specific meal or snack, and select Add Foods.

3. Select Foods from the main (left) navigation menu to go to Find Foods.

At the top of Find Foods, you'll see a number of ways to select foods to log, including Search, Quick Find Foods, My Foods, Scan, Snap, Recipes & Meal Plans, Say, and Quick Entry

Note: Scan and Snap are only available on mobile devices.

Let's walk through each of these options.


Simply start typing a food to bring up search results from our food database. You can view all results, or only common foods or branded foods. We'll also show any custom foods, recipes, or meals that you've created in the search results.

Quick Find

This is a quick way of finding foods that you've favorited (starred), viewed recently, or eaten frequently. The food listings are ordered intelligently, and are also searchable.

My Foods

Here you can search for, view, create, update, and delete your own custom foods, and recipes and add them to your daily logs. Premium users can also create and manage meals and meal plans here. Select the + button to create a food or recipe, or select from the items in the list.


Tap this option to use your mobile device's camera to look up packaged foods by scanning barcodes.


Use your device's camera to take a picture of a food item or meal. We use advanced image recognition technology to determine foods in the picture, and provide them to you in a list of foods to log.


Search for foods that fit within your total or remaining macros. Search for foods within a custom carb/protein/fat range. Filter by Common Foods, Brands, or Recipes

Recipes & Meal Plans

Search from over 300,000 recipes. Premium members can search exclusive recipes developed in our Keto Kitchen and create meal plans.


With this tool, you can enter your foods by typing natural language (use the words you would say to another person). For example, you can enter (or say) "2 eggs, 3 slices of bacon, and a cup of coffee" and we will automatically provide a list of those food items for you to log.

Quick Entry

If you want to quickly add nutrients eaten to a meal without logging a food, select this option and enter the values in the form.

More detailed information on most of these options can be found in elsewhere in our Support Center.

Note: Once you've followed the above steps to find the food that you'd like to log, please follow the steps in this article to choose your portion size etc and finish adding the log entry to My Daily Log

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