The In Depth tab in My Daily Log provides you with a weekly breakdown of your macros as well as some additional "at a glance" analysis.

To get there, start in My Daily Log, and select the In Depth tab as shown.

In Depth consists of four main sections:

  • My Week
  • My Macros
  • My Foods
  • My Nutrition Totals

In Depth - My Week

This section displays your macros consumption over the course of the past week, from Monday through Sunday. Use the drop down to toggle between Net Carbs, Fat, Protein, and Calories

Any of these selections will be shown as a bar graph, with the color grey indicating your goal consumption, and the other colors indicating your actual consumption.

In Depth - My Macros

This section lets you compare the macros ratio that you've actually consumed for the selected day against your macros ratio goal. Select Actuals or Goals from the drop down to toggle between the two options.

In Depth - My Foods

This section displays all of the foods you've eaten for the date selected, sorted in order of the metric selected from the drop down. This table is useful for determining which foods are adding the most (and least) to your macros totals for the day.

Net Carbs is the default metric for this table. Tap the drop down to select a different metric.

In Depth - My Nutrition Totals

Finally, the My Nutrition Totals section shows you your total nutritional information for all foods eaten during the selected day combined.

The Value column shows the raw amount. The % Goals column displays the percentage of actual versus goal for any metrics where you've previously set a goal. If no goal has been set, a "-" will be shown in the % Goals column.

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