Premium users have access to thousands of premium recipes that have been custom crafted in the Carb Manager kitchens by some of the industry's top chefs. If that's not enough, you'll find additional recipes that have been added by other Carb Manager users and rated by the community.

To find the perfect Premium recipe for your next meal, you can browse our recipe collection by recipe type, search for a recipe by name or ingredient, or use our Advisor tool to filter recipes by macro content.

Search or Browse Premium Recipes

Navigate to Foods by using the main (left) navigation menu.

Swipe left, then select the Recipes & Meal Plans tab.

From here, you can scroll down to browse our entire recipes collection. 

Select an option from the drop down to filter recipes if you're looking for something specific.

Select the Search Recipes sub-tab to search by recipe or ingredient name.

Choose to search either Premium Recipes, User Recipes (submitted by the Carb Manager community) or Web Recipes by selecting the appropriate sub-tab.

Advisor Tool

The Advisor tool lets you filter recipes based on a specific set of macros. You'll find this tool under Food > Advisor

Select the Recipes sub-tab to search for recipes specifically (as opposed to individual foods). There's a lot that you can do with the Advisor, and you'll find a complete tutorial in this article.

Whichever route you go... once you've found the perfect recipe for your next meal, you can add it to your food log by following these steps.

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