Carb Manager forums allow for in-depth discussions on a variety of topics. They allow you to simply browse topics, share a tip, provide feedback, ask a question, or find answers. In addition, they also support embedded links or images.

Several group are available, including Introduce Yourself, Low Chat Chat, and Recipe Swap

Note: For more informal, "messaging" style discussion, take a look at the Carb Manager groups

About Forum Privacy and Moderation 

Be aware that the Carb Manager forums are public, and if you post any personal or health information, you are doing so with the intent that this information be public on this forum. Only your user name is linked to your posts. Your email address and name are never shown unless you post them yourself. 

As far as the moderation rules: 

  • Stay on topic! 
  • Be supportive of your fellow members 
  • Post to the correct category
  • No spam or commercial product advertising is permitted

Note: Posts containing links, images, or attachments will post after a short delay so we can review the content.

Accessing Forums

To access Carb Manager forums, select Community from the main (left) navigation menu, and select the Forum tab. The forums appear on a separate window (mobile app) or browser tab (web app).

You can also navigate directly to the forums website (, but you'll have to manually log in to your Carb Manager account. When you access the forums directly from the app, you are automatically logged into the forums. 

Using Forums

Once you access the main forums screen, you can select from a number of sections, each containing various topics.

From these sections, you can:

  • Find and view an existing topic
  • Reply to an existing topic
  • Start a new topic
  • Follow a specific category or topic to get notified about updates or additions 

Configuring Your Forum Profile and Options

You can select the Profile and settings button (upper right corner of the forums screen) to access profile information and other forum options. 

You can use these options to:

  • View your current profile settings 
  • Edit your profile settings (control what other users can see about you) 
  • Configure forum notification options 
  • Logout of the forums 


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